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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29: The Things They Say

I was busily getting a dessert ready for Finer Things Club and Annie was wanting to go outside and play.  She asked repeatedly, "Mom, will you put on my shoes?" while I responded repeatedly, "In just a minute, Annie."  I was zoned out.  Annie was frustrated.

And then she says, "You're not listening, Mom.  You're not going to get an iPod Touch."

Santa isn't just watching the children- in case you forgot!

I also had to include this story from a couple of weeks ago:

My kids were in our very small kitchen while I was fixing dinner.  They were tormenting me telling me how hungry they were, as usual.  When we sat down to eat said dinner (steak, rice, green beans and peas) they immediately started whining and telling me they weren't hungry, that they weren't going to eat the dinner, that they didn't like the dinner, and on and on.

After feeling very annoyed and frustrated I interjected a threat, "You can eat this dinner or you can get a spank!!"  (Lovely parenting, I know.  Empty threat + physical force = mother of the year).

This quieted them for a few minutes in which they began to eat some of their dinner... until this:

"I'm not going to eat my green beans, Mom.  Spank me." -Annie


Amy N. said...

You have a finer things club? So jealous. Seriously we would be besites if we lived close.

I've also had my children ask for a spank instead of doing what I was frustrated at them for not doing. It makes you feel great doesn't it? (NOT)

marciea casselman said...

Can I eat dinner at your house?
And as a child I would rather get a spank than eat bottled peaches. I would sit at the table for hours just staring at them. I think my mom was really hoping I would suddenly fall in love with bottled peaches.
NOT! I still don't like them, but I bottle them every year for the fam.

Andrea said...

This was so funny! I laughed out loud at your mother of the year formula. I think you're a great Mom and I'm learning a lot from you. The quote at the end is priceless.