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Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10: Crazy Carolyn

Can your Grandma make a mean casserole, play Klondike Rummy, and beat you in Scrabble?  Mine can!  Grandma Carolyn is one of my best friends.  When I get an evening to spare, I usually end up at her house where I know I'll be stuffed with food, my kids will be spoiled rotten, and I will most likely be getting competitive with cards.  We are so blessed to live close to Grandma and have a relationship with her. 

Tonight we got to treat her to dinner at our house, and it was a very fun change!  (For the record, I'm certain that I didn't cheat and make more than one "buy" during the last hand of Klondike Rummy.  I think the dealer (ahem, Carolyn) dealt me an extra card.  Therefore, I should have won rather than being disqualified.  It was dealer error, after all!)

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marciea casselman said...

I am glad that you have such a great relationship with your grandma. That's the kind of grandma I want to be.