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Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26: Scrabble

I'm a simple girl.  Easy to please.  This must be obvious when I can dedicate an entire "thankful" post to the game of Scrabble.  For about 3 years now I've been playing the game regularly with Grandma Kaiserman and Jenn.  We've all gotten pretty good and when we aren't playing each other then it's pretty easy to crush our competition.  (Did I just brag?  Yes.  Yes, I think I did).  When we play each other- it's an all out war!  There are names called and fists flying (okay, maybe not the fists), and it's a fight to the bloody death.  I will admit on this blog, right now, that Jenn is probably the better player of all of us, but dang it if I didn't beat her by 3 points tonight!!!!

I didn't even have my camera to document the proof, but now I have this post.  So let it be written that on November the 26th, 2011, Amylee Nicoll beat Jennifer Robinson in a game of Scrabble.  (Never mind that Grandma beat the both of us in this very same game...)


marciea casselman said...

You would probably cream me. Boyd beats our games quite often and I get all sulky because I read about 20 times more than he does.

Jenn said...

Hahah! I am just now reading this. :)