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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6 Months

Sometimes I lack originality... kind of like with this post. Some things just need to be documented, so excuse me for my lack of wit.
Annie is 6 months! I can't believe it. She is such a munchkin! We love her to bits. She makes me so happy. I'm so glad I have my baby girl to snuggle and give me love, and it is so rewarding to have her show that affection back now. She'll give kisses, but she'll scream at you if you have whiskers!
Will and Annie still have the cutest little love affair going on- always cuddling and holding hands. I hope it stays that way.
She hasn't grown that much in the last few months- only 4 oz since her last check up actually. It has made me a little nervous. She is the picture of health otherwise, so the doctor is just going to watch her growth curve. Annie hits all of her other milestones- rolling all over the place, grabbing at things, interacting with others, sitting supported... the works. Plus she's the cutest girl I've ever had the privilege to birth, so that counts for something.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I don't know how to spell the word definitely. I spell it wrong 99% of the time. It usually is spelled like this- definately.

Ode to Joy

All of the hard work getting ready for Christmas (and literally working myself sick) was worth it when I got to see this:
I didn't need to go as far as having Santa bring a dragon castle though, I could have just stopped at the stockings. He opened his stocking up and got a 39 cent puzzle, a teeny sticker book and a Christmas pencil and exclaimed, "Wow! Look at all of my stuff!" I should have saved a buck or two.
I feel like the highlight of the holiday was when we went sledding with my Dad and my brother, Clay. Christmas Eve couldn't have been a more gorgeous day! Our faces in this picture as we were racing my Dad pretty much says it all (you'll have to double click to enlarge it):
Annie was sweet- unless you took the wrapping paper away because then she would throw a full blown tantrum. (Yes, I would do it because it cracked me up. Nothing like torturing your children for personal enjoyment.)
Overall Christmas day was... peaceful. Just like I had hoped. It was glorious to stay home as a family of 4 and let things go at our own pace. I think we may even try it next year. But, as my Dad says, nothing is over like Christmas. At least we have digitally frozen a few memories to look back on.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Dallas

They always say to give credit where credit is due, right? Well, Dallas deserves a lot of credit. The guys has dealt with a hormonal wife, a new baby, three-year-old temper-tantrums, work, taking care of his grandparents, household chores, commuting (I hate this so therefore I'm counting it!), and major dental work all while maintaining an A- GPA while taking classes like calculus, engineering and biology. He's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. The best part? He does it with the most incredible smile on his face and nary a complaint out of his mouth. I hope to be more like him one day. Keep it up, Dallas. You never cease to amaze.

Friday, December 18, 2009

What love looks like.

I just found this picture. Will was one. And perfect.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sugar Cookies

At church on Sunday Will was very reverently looking at the picture of Christ on our sacrament program. He turned to Dallas after a few seconds and said, "Look Dad, Jesus has a roller. He's making sugar cookies!"
roller= rolling pin :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FairyBerry TuTu's

My very cute friend Leslie has a very cute business. You should most definitely check it out! It is called FairyBerry TuTu's and you should go so I can win one :).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All Things Christmas

Why is it that I cry at the drop of a hat lately?
-Watching The Polar Express with Will and he starts dancing when Santa makes his big appearance.... And then there's me, crying.
-Putting Annie's Christmas dress on her for the first time..... Me, crying.
-Sitting upstairs on the couch with the room illuminated by colored lights.... And there I am, crying, again.


My parents always made Christmas special. Whether it was getting that gift that I had been dreaming about all month, or riding around in the car with my Dad on Christmas Eve trying to spot Rudolph in the sky (while my Mom was home, busily wrapping presents.) I loved doorbell ditching neighbors and leaving cookies, endless Christmas parties and activities, singing the Christmas hymns in church, listening to FM 100's 100 hours of Christmas every year, Wilson Family parties and Grandma Lola's crazy gifts (Reindeer broom, anyone?). It all feels like magic. I love the season.

It was on Sunday that I finally realized why my emotions are right at the surface: It is because I can feel Him so much easier. Jesus is everywhere. At the grocery store, along the street corner, and even on Charlie and Lola. It's one of the only times I hear songs praising my Savior consistently on the popular radio stations. We are all in praise of that very silent, holy night. And I am grateful. I am grateful for a season that allows us to worship with no need for an apology. I am grateful for the cheer that is in every ones hearts and the kindness that is found in the most random of places. I am grateful for the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the most humble of circumstances he came to this world with a mission to save us all. Thank you, Lord. May we all remember to praise You, and feel You, this lovely Christmas Season.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Feeding Babies

Does anyone actually like feeding babies baby food? I know I don't. I was hoping it would be better with Annie than it was with Will, but alas, not so. Instead of crying I get gagging. I was hoping that if she started on solids that she would sleep better..... nope.

"Kill me now," Annie mumbles incoherently through her mouth full of tasteless rice cereal.

Annie and Will also had their first bath together. I remember liking to be in the tub with my little brother Clay... that is, until he left a "present" for me. Hopefully Annie will spare Will that surprise.

Siblings? I think yes! Don't they look so much alike in this picture?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Gobble Gobble

We just returned from a very FULL Thanksgiving weekend in Afton. The house was FULL of people- everyone from Dallas' family was able to be there except Liesel, Jordan, and Austin. The weekend was FULL of activities- from stuffing ourselves sleepy to cutting down Christmas trees, there wasn't a dull moment to be found. The weekend was made even more FULL by leaving early to head to Syracuse for sweet baby Alex's blessing.

Did I mention that we ended up with a FULL parking lot by our apartment? That was thanks to Dallas' new purchase: 1969 CJ5. I suppose I deserve it for telling him it was time to sell his truck.I don't want to neglect the fun pre-Thanksgiving that we had with my family either. What can I say? Our lives are very FULL.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dirty Rotten Stalkers

Just a note- I'm no longer a private blog. It just makes it easier for some non-technologically-talented family members (and to make it easier for my stalkers).

But while I'm posting, I just wanted to have a moment for the song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. Love that band.

AND for Battle Studies by John Mayer. Although I do not yet own the CD, I will IMpatiently await its arrival under my Christmas tree this holiday season. I was going to purchase it the day it came out until Dallas told me he was planning on giving it to me for Christmas. So, now I have turned back into my Jr. High self; stalking it on iTunes several times a day to listen to the 30 seconds of each song that they allow. I know. It's pathetic.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Lost Lacey

Eighteen months is way too long to go without seeing your best friend. I wouldn't recommend it.


Will's List:
  1. toys
  2. "us" (meaning our family)
  3. paper (???)
  4. house
  5. Dad
  6. Kenzie and Grace
  7. James and Alli
  8. Mom
  9. Will
  10. learning my letters

Amy's List:

  1. My family- Dallas, Will, Annie and Scooter
  2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that it involves: temples, the atonement, the Book of Mormon, Bible, and Doctrine and Covenants, visiting teaching, peace and joy.
  3. Being able to stay home with my kids.
  4. Great friends.
  5. Couponing and how it allows me to better provide for my family.
  6. Our apartment and its size.
  7. An education.
  8. Dallas' job and its flexibility.
  9. My Mom and all she continues to teach me.
  10. The Internet and how it allows me to keep in touch with friends and family that I'm not normally in contact with.

Dallas' List:

  1. Home
  2. Family
  3. Job/extra monuments
  4. Church
  5. School
  6. Grants
  7. Health
  8. Sleep
  9. Heber Valley
  10. Holiday Season
Below is the picture Will drew of "bumpy monster truck wheels" while we were making our "thankful lists" for Family Home Evening:

New Moon

After seeing New Moon at midnight, I only have a couple of things to say:
  1. Wolves are scary. Especially in really loud theaters where they are super enormous.
  2. Thank goodness there were no vampires running through the tops of trees.
  3. The awkward teenage moments make me laugh (and bring back horrifying memories).
  4. Sure, sure- I'm still on Team Jake, as I have been since I first read New Moon.
  5. And last but not least, whoever the costume designer was that dressed Bella and Edward as they were running through the forest as vampires should be drug out into the street and shot. What were they thinking????

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is there even a choice?

I mean, come on people. I would take this:

Over this:

ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. In all reality, I wish I were going to see this at midnight tonight:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Faking Christmas

I know it is only the middle of November, but I've pretty much decided I don't care and I'm celebrating Christmas NOW! I can't help myself when we have a snow day on a Saturday with nothing else to do. So...... we went Christmas shopping (and baby shower shopping), listened to Christmas music all day, watched a little bit of this:
Who doesn't love a politically incorrect Christmas cartoon every now and again? We let Will create his own gourmet sugar cookies- dinosaurs, moons, Christmas trees and gingerbread men all topped with purple frosting and red and green sprinkles- chef's orders! (I promise, we will keep these to ourselves rather than drop off scary treats from the Nicoll's).

Then we finished the night off with a special bubbly drink, a large bowl of very buttery popcorn, and one of my favorite movies- The Family Stone. The best part about this is that it wasn't just me forcing the family into early holiday celebration; Dallas was completely on board the whole day.
Let the holidays begin!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The random things I've wanted to post about, but just never got around to.

Over the past few months there have been many times that I have thought- "I need to put that on my blog!" This happens either because it makes me laugh, or consumes my life for a moment in time.

Like how this summer the ice cream man would show up at my house at 10:30PM. Creepy? I think yes.

Or this fall when I was seriously being hunted by spiders. They finally got me in my sleep- four times to be exact. I have the scars to prove it. Those darn spiders left me with nasty bites and swollen lymph nodes for a month.

This is an actual icky spider that was living in Will's room. Hate it.

I didn't even mention how the tree in my back yard would literally fill Annie's room with a golden light because the leaves were so vibrant. When the setting sun would hit the tree, Annie's room appeared celestial.

I never even put the picture on here of the group of baby girls that were born in the Heber 7th ward this summer. There were 9 born this year so far- 6 of which were girls and 5 of those girls were born in June and July.

Bria Thompson, Sadie Wynne, Annie Nicoll, Kara Judd

Or how about the fact that my adorable nephew Alex has the biggest newborn hands I have ever seen. They are bigger than Annie's and she is 3 months older than him. He is going to be one handsome man one day.

And then there is my calling: Bear Den Mother. I love it, and I didn't think I would ever say that about scouts. These boys are smart and funny and make my Thursdays much more interesting than they would be otherwise.

Joey Garcia and Justin Means working on their World Conservation Badge.

And my perfect little Annie- who crossed her legs in the womb, and still does to this day. I can still feel on my abdomen where her little heel would stick out when she would do it.

And then there is Will. He loves his baby sister. My favorite thing is how he always holds her hand when they are in the car together. Never fail. It's how he even sleeps in the car.
It's the little things that I don't want to forget.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tender Heart

Dallas is the quiet type. He doesn't speak his feelings very often, so when he does it is even more special. The other night we were watching the movie Premonition on TV. In that show a little girl runs through a sliding glass door and her face is cut up badly. Dallas started watching just after he saw the little girl and made some sort of exclamation like "Gross! What happened to her?" I told him what happened and then said, "Wouldn't it be so sad if something like that happened to our Annie's face?"

There was a short pause, and then in a very soft and serious tone he said, "Nothing bad will ever happen to Annie."

It was that first "over-protective father" moment that I had experienced with him. Dallas loves his sweet daughter. It has brought out a side in him that I have never seen before. He has always been tender with me, but with Annie it is totally different. He's always calling her "hon" and telling her how cute her little eyes are as he plays with her so gently. I love it. And she loves it. They have a very special relationship, and it's beautiful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monster Trucks

While looking up and printing off Thanksgiving pictures to color:
Will: I bet there are some monster trucks in our Thanksgiving pictures, hu? I hope. I hope...
Me, with a huge smile.

Monday, November 2, 2009

And this is why I love holidays:

Pure untainted joy. That is what was exuding from my three year old on Halloween. Everything was full of excitement and anticipation; whether it was carving pumpkins for the first time in his recent memory, trick-or-treating and coming home with 56 pieces of candy (to which he replied, "Wow! I have a hundred!"), or creating a silly Halloween coloring page book, Will had the greatest time. And since he had such a good time, so did we. I'm so happy we get to have these experiences for many years to come. I can't imagine that it will ever get old for Dallas and I as parents.

Annie's costume accentuates her cheeks perfectly.

Let's not forget this:

It's been 5 years since the last time I used any of my stage make-up skills, but I think I've still got it!
This bum is way cuter than her ducky costume! :)