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Friday, April 27, 2012

Girl's Day and Marathons

Last weekend we got to go and cheer on my sister-in-law Leslee as she completed her first marathon- the Salt Lake Marathon.  It was beyond gorgeous all day, and Annie was so happy to come with me for a Girl's Day.  (Girl's Days are Annie's favorite- anytime we aren't with Will or Dad, we are having a Girl's Day and it is instant fun!)

Annie and Kenny patiently waited for Leslee to come down the stretch towards the finish line.
 Watching someone complete a marathon is an amazing experience.  As I watched the runners pass I could see nothing but determination; in spite of the heat, the pain, and the fatigue, they knew they had something greater ahead of them to push towards.  Marathons are such a great metaphor for life.

After watching Leslee, Annie and I walked down to The Gateway with my friend Nicki for lunch.  Along the way we passed a guy that was hanging out by the fountain with his python; without skipping a beat, Annie just walked right up to pet the snake!  She's a pretty timid girl, so I was shocked when she wasn't afraid of this stranger and his snake.  Cities are filled with the most interesting people.

 I have been training for my own marathon coming up next month.  This training cycle has been riddled with problems- shin splints, neuromas, and IT Band Syndrome have made it a struggle.  I've been really blessed with a positive attitude and a desire to keep moving forward. I know I'll be able to run the race to the best of my ability right now.  I've learned that it's so important to not compare yourself to even a former version of yourself;  what you are in the middle of right now is where your head must be.  It's no use focusing on the past or the "what ifs".  The only thing you can do is hold your head up, say a prayer, and put one foot in front of the other.
Bruised IT Band from Astym by my physical therapist.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sports- Take 2

Last year we put Will in T-Ball.  Let's just say it was... less than fun.  After attempting to help him hit, carrying him on my back to run bases, and dealing with some serious self esteem issues on his part, we eventually quit going.

This was after many, many attempts to help him feel comfortable.  We tried everything- from punishment to bribery- but nothing worked.

When Will said he wanted to play soccer, Dallas and I both had pits in our stomachs.  Please don't let it be anything like T-Ball.

The first game rolled around and I had to work, so Dallas took on the roll of "Soccer Mom."

Does he look excited?
They showed up to the game, the coach introduced himself, and Will did not want to come out from behind Dallas' back.  He cried.  He refused to play.  No amount of coercing from Dad, Coach, or teammates was going to change his mind.

They left after half time.

The next morning I pretended that Dallas hadn't told me anything about how the game went and I asked Will, "How was your game?!"

"Not good," he replied, "I didn't know anyone and I was scared, so I didn't play."

I talked to him about how I was going to sub for the coach at the next game, and that he knew me!  We talked about soccer all the time.  Miss Katie at preschool encouraged good sportsmanship and goals.  I bribed him with money- $1/goal.  Then we braced ourselves.


He got out on the field and played!  I was so proud of him!  For a kid that has never played soccer before- we don't even own a ball- he was actually pretty good!  He had a few disappointments when things didn't go as he had hoped, but after a few minutes to cool down he was ready to go back in and try again.  HE. DID. IT.  He played an entire game.  We were more proud of this than of the goal that he scored.

Last Tuesday's game went even better.  He got kicked in the face at one point, but he came out, shook it off, and even went back in to play the rest of the game.

William, we are so proud of you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big girl bed!

The minute you put your baby in a twin bed, you realize she's not a baby anymore.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break

Over Spring Break I made it my mission to get my kids to BEG for a nap.  We:
  • Picnicked at the park with the Haas family.
  • Swam at the Kamas pool and had C-Nuggs and Frostys with friends.
  • Had a sleepover with the Robinson's in Logan.
  • Watched soccer games.
  • Ate at Cafe Rio.
  • Shopped 'til we dropped at TJ Maxx.
  • Slept over at the Hansen's.
  • Tried hamburger pizza- which was surprisingly good.
  • Ran 20 miles on a treadmill.
  • Hit up Hobby Lobby for a preschool shopping spree.
  • Colored no less than 100 pictures.
  • Got mani-pedis.
  • Played entirely too many video games.
After all this, we finally begged for a nap!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny Sunday

There could not have been a more perfect and beautiful Easter Sunday!  We got to ride in our brown Jeep, have an egg scavenger hunt outside, and play play play all in the warmth of the sun.  Isn't it amazing how the sun can renew your spirits?
 Annie started calling it "Easter Bunny Sunday".  It was so cute- even at church she wished everyone a happy Easter Bunny Sunday.  I love that character.  She also downed ALL of her candy before breakfast.  Now she is being tortured by how Will still has some and she doesn't.

 This year Will was able to actually read the clues for the scavenger hunt all by himself!

John Kaiserman, Jackson Kaiserman, Jim Kaiserman, and Dallas

 John walked out in the backyard and all of the kids instantly ganged up on him- it was hilarious!  The handlebar mustache doesn't frighten away 5 year olds.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Home Evening

How do I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true? I know because of how I feel when I am obedient to the teachings of the Prophet.

We had Family Home Evening.  We sang the Articles of Faith songs as we worked on our memorization.  Pretty sure the kids (...and maybe Dallas) sang many-a-made-up-word as we went along.

This moment made me immensely happy.  The Gospel is true.