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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ugly Photo

Everyone has them. The ugly pictures. You know what I'm talking about- the photos you wish you could erase but you just can't because they hold some sort of sentimental value, or are important for doccumentation purposes.

Well, mine just happen to be after I have given birth. Both of them. Dallas has a knack for taking a really awesome picture of me during the I'm-crying-because-I'm-so-happy-but-so-glad-this-pain-is-over stage of delivery. AKA the moment right after birth.

The picture to the left is after I had Will, and the picture to the right is after I had Annie. I don't even have to say which one is worse.

And here you have it:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Prevacid,

Thank you for being invented. I wish I had taken a chance on you sooner. You have shown me that my daughter is in fact sweet, and that her normal personality does not include crying for hours on end.
I may be in love with you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Months

Height: 26" (90%)

Weight: 13 lbs 13 oz (60%)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Survivor Man

Have any of you seen the show Survivor Man on the Discovery Channel? We love the show. Dallas watched a marathon the day we blessed Annie and decided that he was going to go on a "Survivor Man" trip- meaning no food, no shelter, that sort of thing. He conned some friends into going with him (Mitch Nelson and Ben Atwood), and by the time they got around to actually going, it ended up just being a "guys only" camping trip with no tent. They went in the middle of September, but I just barely got the pictures off of Dallas' camera. I don't know much about the trip, but I do know that it included Big Foot stories, catching only teeny fish, MRE's, and a sweet shelter. I'm glad they had fun, and that I didn't have to go!

Ben Atwood

Mitch Nelson

The shelter

Here's your sign:

We've been talking about the swine flu too much. Case and point:
We drove down to Syracuse to be there for Grandma Nicoll's 75th Birthday Party, and Will ended up getting car sick. We hadn't been at my sister's for more than 2 minutes when he threw up all over himself and me. We got all cleaned up and were getting back in the car and I told Will not to touch Annie just in case he was sick because we didn't want to get her sick too. He looked at me with those puppy dog eyes and said, "Does this mean I have the swine flu?" The poor kid was terrified. I'm done talking about it at my house! I've officially freaked out my three year old!

What would you pay?

6 jars of Prego spaghetti sauce
12 cans of Progresso soup
2 large boxes of Cheerios
3 packages Betty Crocker cookie mix
3 tubes Crest toothpaste
1 bag of Sunchips
2 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
2 Almond Joys

I love what I have learned using the website Grocery Smarts. I only paid 29% of retail on these items! The Cheerio's were 20 cents, toothpaste 25 cents, the candy bars were FREE.... I could go on and on! I spent only $26.96 on $91.25 in groceries. These are all things (besides the candy bars!) that we use frequently in our house. It is awesome to see how much we are able to save. Our food budget has been the same for the past two months, but now I have an actual food storage that we can rotate through. (I am even having a hard time finding a place to put all this food- hence the 12 boxes of cereal on top of my kitchen cupboards). I love working the system :o).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Carolyn's Tea Party

I believe the title pretty much says it all, but I will let the pictures say the rest.

Crazy Carolyn Kaiserman

Abby Nicoll
Kallie Nicoll

Sierra Nicoll
Jenn Robinson, Amylee Nicoll
Liesel Steele

Sierra, Kallie, Kristie, Abby, Misty, Shanna, Liesel, Amylee, Annie

Natalie, Rachel, Shauna, Katie

"Fight until the last gasp." -Billy Shakespeare

Taking Annie to the High School Shakespeare Competition proved... challenging. In spite of all my pacing up and down side walks, awkward feedings, and running out of a room when she started to cry, we managed to have a very good time. I was able to enjoy some wonderful work by both the Davis High Advanced Theater class as well as the other high school students competing at the competition. It never ceases to amaze me that there is such talent in these young actors and actresses. Until next year, my friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet, sweet Annie

I love my daughter, BUT she can be a challenge sometimes. The last few months have been filled with ups and downs (more ups than downs), as well as the reassurance that she is nothing like her brother.
Annie has been having a hard time nursing. This is frustrating because for the first two weeks she was a champ! Well, then she decided that she was going to wake up and join life; it has been interesting ever since. I finally figured out that she wants things on her own time-table, not mine, and if I try to change that she lets me have it. Therefore, any sort of schedule is out the window. (Goodbye Babywise- I loved you for my first, but you just don't work with my second).
Annie is quite the social little thing. She loves to be held and is already trying her hardest to sit up so she can see everything. (I think she might have some of that Kaiserman-I'm-afraid-I-might-miss-something-gene.) She is mostly observant; she smiles and giggles on occasion, but not at the drop of a hat.
Annie loves her Mama. We snuggle all day and I still can't get enough of her. She finds her brother amusing, mostly from a distance, but her Daddy is her favorite. She gives him most of her smiles and sounds.
She also loves her little sesame street mobile that was handed down to her from her Aunt Shanna. She will talk and talk to those little characters all through her diaper changes.
Annie loves sleep, just like her Mom! She likes to go to bed around nine, and most nights will sleep until 6AM or 7AM. She will then wake up to be fed, and head right back to sleep until about 8:30AM. She will be awake for only an hour or so, and then it's back to dreamland for another hour. She takes a big nap with Mom (when possible) in the afternoon, but catnaps the rest of the day until bedtime. How grateful I am for a baby that sleeps through the night!

Annie slept in her crib for the first time last night. She seems to like it; there is a lot more to look at with the designs of her crib sheet and bumpers.
She has recently began blowing bubbles (which is still cute because she's so teeny), and she loves to have a blanket all bunched around her face when she is in her swing so she can hold onto it. (If I can't calm her down, that is what I do and it works like a charm).

It never ceases to amaze me how much personality a 3 month old baby has. She fits perfectly in our family, and we love her just the way she is- the spitty, fussy, cuddly, sleeping-through-the-night, bubble-blowing, mobile-loving beautiful baby girl that she is. Did you know that there is also a flower called Sweet Annie? Here it is, and it is just as lovely as my sweet Annie.
I didn't give Will a nap today to see if he could go without one and then head to bed earlier. It's 4:50PM, and I have learned my lesson. There will be a nap tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What did you say?

Sometimes I love it when kids can't say things exactly right. Will has pretty good speech for his age, but he still mixes things up and has a hard time pronouncing some things; like the "th" sound. Here is a possible sentence: "Seff, will you watch a noovie wiff me while we put gorilla bars in our moufs?"
  • "Gorilla Bars"= Granola Bars

  • "mouf"= mouth

  • "noovie"= movie

  • "wiff"= with

  • "Seff"= Seth

Okay, so the sentence is obviously one I made up to fit these words into, but you get the gist. It will make me sad when Will no longer makes these simple mistakes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk about fleeting!

The cold temperatures and first snow of the season yesterday made me even more grateful that we were able to go and enjoy fall this week! The peak of the season is always so fleeting. The kids and I went to Sundance to ride the ski lift with Jenn (her kids James, Alli and Miles), and Grandma Kaiserman. I have lived in Heber City for over 5 years now, but I don't think I have ever seen fall leaves this stunning! The reds and oranges were at their peak, and the yellows were just beginning to turn. It was lovely. God painted quite the canvas, didn't he?