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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8- Cooking Kids

Sharing things that I love with my children makes me happy.  Today we played school; Annie was the teacher (Mrs. Stanley), I was the student, and Will was the man from the "Cobbler Factory."  We went on a field trip to the factory... aka, kitchen... where we saw the oven and the fridge where the fruit was kept.  The Cobbler man told us all of the different kinds of cobbler they made including peach, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, pink berry, and purple berry- complete with pictures hand drawn of each!  I promised the kids that tonight we would make the cobbler of their choosing.

After school we went to Smith's to get all of the ingredients.  Will chose blueberry- which I had never made before- it was an adventure for all of us!

After dinner was cleaned up the kids took turns measuring and pouring ingredients as Will read the recipe.  They were constantly checking it while in the oven to watch it brown and change.  I must say, the end result was delightful!   

Almost as delightful as making it together.

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MotherRunner said...

So sweet! You have such a beautiful family and they're so lucky to have such a sweet, dedicated mama. :)