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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28- Baby, baby!!

I had such a fun day planned for today- it was a girl's day!  My Mom and I go to the Festival of Trees every year (where I cry my eyeballs out, every year), and then to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  Will was playing with a friend and then was headed to school, so Annie and I got loaded in the car and headed to Salt Lake.

This year was extra fun because my sister Cami and her little boy Alex were able to come, too!  The kids were ecstatic about every single tree- "Mommy, snowmen!", "the Grinch!", "Minnie Mouse!!!"- and we enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds of the holiday as we chatted away.  I love being with my Mom and my sister.

We were almost through the rows of trees when I got a call from my brother, James.

"Amy," he says, "you are going to be an aunt twice over."
"What?" I reply.
"Kaydee is having twins!"
Shock.  No response.  I handed the phone to my Mom immediately because I was going to start freaking out and I wanted her to hear the news from James.
Next came JUBILATION!!!
We laughed and squealed and walked around for a minute in a complete daze talking about how there are TWO new little babies that are going to be joining our family.

BEST. NEWS. EVER.  We can't wait for all of these little munchkins next spring/summer.


Shelby said...

Oh, this makes my heart all happy and I don't even know them!! How happy for them.

BABIES. I love them. I think you and Dallas should have a million, because your's are especially beautiful.

I have MISSED reading your blog. So happy I could finally get on with the crazy China Internet.

I hope you have the best day. (: Thank you for being such a wonderful person and happy example to me, in so many ways.

Leslee said...

The Wilson side sure knows how to make it a Baby Party!! Just like the Babies of 2009/2010 (3 within 6 months of each other) Guess 2013 needed 3 more babies too! CRAZY!!!! So excited to snuggle all my new niece and maybe nieces and or nephews?? Exciting!!

Let's just hope the plan for 2014 Babies doesn't come in 3's for my sake lol couldn't do tripplets. ha ha