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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5- Just Run

Running has been a huge part of my life the last couple of years- this is no secret.  In the midst of all of the "mommy-ness", it allows me to be ME for a bit.  During this pregnancy things have changed.  Running is hard.  I struggle through every run.  I no longer feel like the "rockstar" runner that I used to.  It has been challenging for me to hold back and not push myself when I see my average paces steadily slowing.

It's just.... different.

Even with the differences, I still love it.  I feel blessed to have not only a body that can run, but a pregnant body that can run. Since I found out I was pregnant, I have:

Completed 30 workouts
Run 113.77 miles
Climbed 4, 056 vertical feet
Averaged 9:05/mile


Maggie Diamond said...

You are a rockstar. Thats amazing.

marciea casselman said...

I love all of your gratitude days. It's nice to reflect on things that we are grateful for and remember the source of our blessings.

Heidi said...

Wow! That's awesome. Way to keep running....with a nice pace! Geez, makes me look bad with my 10:00 pace NOT pregnant :)