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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ultimate Guilt Trip

So... I broke Will's arm.

Terrible mother, right?  Let me tell you, there is nothing like seeing your child in a cast to give you the ultimate guilt trip.

You want another Otter Pop?  Sure!  New Lego Set?  You betcha!  Stay up until 1 AM?  Not a problem!!!

This happened on our last day in good ol' Star Valley.  We had spent hours and hours on the tramp; we did back flips, 360's, Popcorn, Dead Man, Duck-Duck-Goose!, and other such games.   We also spent a lot of time bouncing each other.  Beau, Dallas and Seth bounced me until I hit the ground while still ON the tramp, and we all bounced Will.  That kid is crazy about going high!

On Sunday (I know, I know- jumping on the tramp on a Sunday?!  No wonder he broke his arm!) I was bouncing him around.  I was being pretty careful and kind of helping him line up right for a landing and making sure he didn't go flying off.  I wasn't bouncing him really high either- nothing higher than what he can normally jump himself if he gets working at it.  Well, he ended up twisting in the air a bit and came down on the tramp with his arm hyper-extended and locked.

The poor kid screamed.  Big time.

We got him to calm down, got off the tramp and turned on a movie while we iced it.  By the time we left their house 5 hours later, he was screaming in pain when we changed his shirt.  I felt terrible for him.  His elbow was a little swollen, but nothing bad.  Kristie- who has seen many-a-broken-arm on her children and is also an EMT- looked at it again and doubted that it was broken.  So, we pressed on.

He slept in the car and we pulled into Heber around 9:30 PM.  He went to get out of the car, and was howling in pain again.  I figured better safe than sorry and took him to the ER.

When we got the x-rays I had to hold Will's arm in place- all while he was letting out the most gut wrenching screams I've ever heard from him.  It was, by far, the most terrible thing I've had to do thus far as a parent.

The results from the radiologist came back- Fractured Humorous.

After Will's arm was put in the soft cast and sling, it helped his pain significantly.  He was pretty proud of it, too!
Will picked the color black for his hard cast (because they didn't have orange), and he is doing so well with it.  It is so much better than having it in that sling!  I don't worry quite as much.  He only has to be in the cast until August 6th, so we are grateful for the short duration.

Quite frankly, the only thing I worry about now is how dirty it's going to be by the time the 6th rolls around...


marciea casselman said...

Fortunately for you it is a dark color so it won't show the dirt too bad. And, even though he broke the humorous bone, their is very little that is humorous about it.
Don't worry. We all do things as parents. I pulled Alyssa's elbow out of socket on accident. I had a hold of her hand and she reared back and pop. Her elbow came out of socket. You had better believe that they checked me out really good for child abuse when I took her to the emergency room. I felt like a criminal.

Amy N. said...

Poor kid! Poor Mom! It's rough to see your child go through pain. The first time I had to take a kid to the ER I could barely hold it together and then as I had to hold him down while they did an MRI and put staples in his head was tough.

It always reminds me of the love Heavenly Father must have for us. In the big picture a broken arm is such a small thing, even if you feel you did cause it (which it was just an accident, they happen). But Heavenly Father sent the Savior down to earth knowing what he would go through, and sends all of us knowing what we will go through. It boggles my mind.

Andrea said...

Oh sad Amy! I accidentally whacked Alaina in the head today and her little whimper broke my heart. I can only imagine what you felt. Will is so darling- he'll definitely pull through.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

you did NOT break his arm, but it for sure is a sad event. poor little thing!!!