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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Island Park 2012

I declare that Island Park and Yellowstone are  the most wonderful places on Earth.  No place smells better, and no place feels better.

We got to spend 5 days with my parents in their trailer in Island Park (the kids actually went up with my parents a couple of days before us).  We loved every minute and were so glad we were able to go on this spontaneous vacation!

Annie's Favorites:
  • Making necklaces with Grammy.
  • Getting a strawberry ice cream cone that was as big as her head.
  • Singing songs in the car as we drove.
  • Getting a new friend- Twisty the purple moose.
Will's Favorites:
  • Every single geyser.
  • Checking out all of Grandpa's lures.
  • Catching Hopper- a little pond frog.
  • Finding animals with his binoculars (especially bison).
Amy's Favorites:
  • No dishes for 4 days!
  • No cooking for 4 days!!
  • Sitting in the lawn chair and enjoying the sights and smells of Island Park.
  • Being in her favorite place with her most favorite people.
Dallas' Favorites:
  • Hiking into a Grizzly just up from my parents lot.
  • 6 point Bull Elk, 4 point bucks, a mother grizzly and cubs, coyote, bison and elk galore.
  • Still being able to browse KSL before bed while eating Oreo's and milk.
  • Prime Rib dinner at Yellowstone Lake Lodge.
Fishing on Henry's Lake

West Yellowstone
"Bears" IMAX movie
Old Faithful geyser loop

Church in the A Frame
Making necklaces
Wildlife drive
Family hike

Firehole River
West Thumb Geyser Basin
Yellowstone Lake
Wildlife spotting
Mud Volcanoes


Maggie Diamond said...

Isn't that place just magical? It looks like you guys were close to our cabin!

Heidi said...

I LOVE Yellowstone! So jealous right now!
I LOVE the picture of the 4 of you enjoying nature on your hike.

(Don't you love having parents with a trailer to invade in when you go camping?)