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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A miracle occurred...

We survived a 101* day at Lagoon with 6 kids- AND NO TANTRUMS- and lived to blog about it!  Amazing, I say!

Annie was big enough to ride some of the bigger rides which made it fun.  Annie's favorite ride still ended up being Bulgy the Whale, and Will and I loved Rattlesnake Rapids.  It has been a fun tradition to go with Jenn and her kids the last two years- we're so grateful to have such fun cousins to spend time with!


Terra said...

You gotta love Lagoon. Even on a day that hot!

marciea casselman said...

I'm a horrible mother. I have never taken my kids to Lagoon. Not once. They have been...just not with me.
But. Let's talk about Disneyland. Now I have taken them there. And we have loved every minute being there!