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Friday, July 18, 2008

Serenity NOW!

****Update: The baby's full name is TeAnna Lee Wilson. Cute!!!

Yesterday was one of the most insane days ever. It started out with my brother James finally getting my butt out of bed at 8:00 AM by calling me and telling me that he and Kaydee were in the hospital. She was dilated to a 2+. With that I got up to start my morning routine. Then Dallas called me at 10:05 AM to tell me that someone wanted to come see our house at 10:45 AM. I was still getting ready, Will was in his high chair eating french toast for breakfast, Lindsey had just dropped McKenzie off and she was sobbing, and I had a sink full of dishes. Dallas came home to help me get the house read fast. I put Will's breakfast in the fridge, put all the dishes in a garbage sack in my Jeep to hide (I know, right?), and buckled the kids in the car so I could clean up the toys they had pulled out in my panic, and Dallas vacuumed our house (for like the 10th time in two days. Showing your house leaves you in a state of panic, I swear it does). We were off just in time.
I went to Grandma Kaiserman's to kill the time. When I get to her house I find her in the back yard- She had her sunglasses on with a kleenex hanging from them to cover her nose, she was wearing a tank top with the sleeves rolled up, and her capris rolled up and her legs were propped up on another chair. She was suntanning! When I found her we both just busted up- it's not often you find your 70 year old Grandmother in that way. We gabbed for a bit, and when I thought we had wasted enough time I went back to my house.
The people were still there. So, I parked up the street a bit and waited for them to leave. Luckily the kids were content with each other in the back of the car. When we finally could go back at 11:20 AM, I unloaded the kids and the dishes and went straight to the sink to wash. The kids played outside on Will's rideable toys. I didn't hear them for a minute so I went to check on them. Sure enough- They were playing in the sand on the side of the house and had dumped it all over themselves. And when I say that, I MEAN it. They both needed baths big time!!! I finished the dishes and stripped them down to go in the bath. There was dirt literally covering every inch of my bathroom. Then I hear Scooter barking like crazy. I go to the door and our real estate agent, Landon Bonner, was standing there with some guy to measure our lot. Landon informed me that the person that was just there was going to put in an offer (imagine my surprise when we weren't even expecting people to really look at our house that much). I told them they could do whatever they wanted to and I went back to the kids. I still can't believe the dirt- I had to clean my bathtub and sweep and mop my bathroom to get rid of all of it. I washed the kids' hair multiple times, and I didn't even come close to getting all the dirt out of their hair- especially McKenzie.
That's when Dallas came home. I realized it was 12:30 PM and I was supposed to be ready to go with Grandma K. to SLC for Misty's shower at 1:00 PM. I still had to feed Will and I hadn't cleaned the bathroom yet. Luckily Grandma showed up a little late and I was able to eat a piece of bread and string cheese for lunch. Healthy, I know. It kept me from passing out.
From that point everything was slightly less hectic. We ran some errands and I got updates about Kaydee in the hospital. I talked to Dallas at about 4:00 PM and the offer came in on our house- it was a full price offer less the closing costs of the buyer. We were so excited! The market in Heber has pretty much died, so we feel so blessed that someone was interested. We accepted, and if all goes well we will close and have to move by August 27th. (Where, I don't know! Someplace in Heber. We won't move to Logan until next spring).
Soon after I heard that Kaydee had little baby TeAnna Wilson around 4:38 PM. She was 7 lbs 8 oz. and 20.5 inches long. (I have only seen pictures so far, but she looks really cute- more like James than we had thought! She had lighter coloring. I'll post a picture from my sister Cami who took the kids to see her).
Then at 6:30 PM we were at Nancy's for Misty's shower. Everything went smoothly until we went to leave. We couldn't find Grandma's keys anywhere. Of course! She luckily had a spare key in her purse and we made it home just before 11:30 PM. Long day, I think yes.

Click here to go on a virtual tour of our house! I know a lot of you have never been to it or seen it (or if you have it was in the "under construction" phase). It is so cute and I can't even say how much we will miss it. We will be working on it until the day we move out, I am sure, but we are so grateful for it. We have learned so much! Or you can click here to see it listed.


The Harveys said...

What am I going to do?! I really was in denial about the whole thing, I thought it would take forever for your house to sell!!! Please don't leave I hate change. Did I read something about dirt and McKenzie's hair?

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

Oh me...what a day. You are like super woman!!! your house is so cute! Congratulations on selling and getting full price - that is great!

Laurel Hansen said...

Apparently someone wants you to move :) I am so happy for you is the best feeling in the world to get that offer that you never thought would come. If you ever need me to go check out a house, and see what its like (so you guys don't have to make the trek) I am totally free, and I could take pictures of it too. Bill and I came up so many times when we were looking. Congrats!

katie said...

It is such an amazing experience to get full price offers. So happy for you guys.
The sun tanning thing is too funny.

Trent and Steph said...

Congrats on the offer on your home that is way cool and congrats on the new little one. It is alway fun to be a Aunt to someone.

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

That is the craziest story ever! I felt tired just after reading it. Plus, I think your Gramma K is a kindred spirit. I can't believe how cute your house is and I've never seen it! ENOUGH WITH LIVING SO FAR AWAY! Anyway, congrats on the sale. That is a major blessing with the market as is. Heart you. See you Monday.

Erin said...

I'll be honest, I'm quite jealous your house sold that fast for the full price! But seriously, I'm SO GLAD this is working out for you guys. We'll have to plan to meet in the middle once you guys move. I'm going to need some Amy time. And that's awesome that James is a daddy. Congrats!

Ty and Mari said...

Congrats on selling your house! How many blessing you have in your life!

Trent and Whit said...

Wow busy girl! How do you do it all? I'll never know. . . congratulations on your new little niece. She looks like a cutie :) and Super congrats on your house! blessings, blessings, blessings :) love you!