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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grammy Comes to Town!

My Mom has the coolest job.They pay her to drive a big yellow bus all the way to Midway so that she can hang out with her grandkids for the day.  Sweet, right?  All you need is a CDL and some serious patience with kids.

Grammy bought happy meals, picnicked at Wasatch State Park, and even let the kids in the hood explore her bus for a bit.  We loved having her visit and always enjoy every second when we are together.  How could we not?!  She spoils us rotten.

Grammy, Grace, Will, Joseph and Annie


Clayton And Leslee Family said...

I can't believe how Grown up your kids are getting!! Will looks like such a Cute big Brother!! So fun! Man Time flies.

Phyllis said...

That's a very cool grandma - what lucky kids.