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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trouble planning the Anniversary trip.

The following conversation occurred via text message while I was home and Dallas was at work:

Me: 1200 dollars for 6 days in New York. Me and you.

Dallas: Keep dreaming.

Me: It's not a dream. You can spank me later.

Dallas: You didn't book it.

Me: You heard me.

Dallas: What?

Me: You will love it.

Dallas: I'm going to pretend that you're pretending until I get home.

Me: If I text you at work then you can't swear. See how it works? And then after dinner we're going to the Haas' for cobbler.

Dallas: Did you really book a $1200 trip?

Me: You love me.

Dallas: I'm pissed.

Me: Okay. I'll stop teasing you. I'm laughing hysterically over here. This has been good fun. No trip to NYC.

Dallas: You're the worst. I'm fuming over here.

Me: I can't think of anything to say over here except writing HA HA HA to convey how hard I am laughing right now.

Dallas: You're still the worst.


Dallas: I'm going to work now. And yes, I am going to spank you later.


Hannah Neville McMillan said...

HAHA of course you couldn't book 6 days in NYC for a mere $1200.. I can't believe he believed you! ;)

Terra said...

Lol! You probably gave him a heart attack! Sounds like a steal for $1200! I want to go to NYC one day.

Amber said...

That was funny.

Heidi said...

This made me laugh. Outloud. :)

angied said...

haha that is so funny! i cant even imagine dallas in NY. especially for 6 days! everytime i tell brady i want to go over there to visit HIS sister and brother he says i can go alone. :0)