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Monday, July 25, 2011

Island Park/ Yellowstone 2011

What can I say... you win some, you lose some. Not every family vacation can be perfect.

It seems like the majority of our trip involved this:
It was taxing. We contemplated coming home early, but decided we should stick it out. We were glad we did because we would have missed out on a lot.

A day of:
  • Fishing
  • Shooting guns
  • Running in the pine trees
  • Naps
  • Big Springs
  • Playtime with Kenny, Clay and Leslee

We wouldn't have:
  • Lunched at West Yellowstone
  • Visited Sam, Illie, Spirit and 101- Grizzlies at the Discovery Center
  • Witnessed wolves picking on each other
  • Smelled the sulfur of Yellowstone
  • Marveled at Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Watched Old Faithful- some of us for the hundredth time, and another for her first

There may have been crying, but what about:
  • An unpredictable Steamboat
  • A first trip to Mammoth for Dallas
  • Eating dinner with 40 Elk- no exaggeration, we counted!
  • A glimpse of a black bear, coyote, bison, moose and elk
  • Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls!

And finally, and this is most important, we would have missed spending time with Grammy and Grandpa Wilson- on tug boats or otherwise.


marciea casselman said...

We have had a lot of trips with crying, barfing, rain and boredom. But you are right, we would miss out on making so many memories.

Heidi said...

Jealous, so jealous! Of everything EXCEPT the crying kids...but that's just part of the adventure, right? So glad you got to go visit. There's no place like Yellowstone.

Trent and Whit said...

Looks like a fun trip, even with the crying. (plus that's what 'vacation' means now, right? fits, crying, and fun)