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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jeep! Jeep!

We went on a spontaneous cookout with our friends and neighbors the Perkins family last weekend. We ventured up Snake Creek (where I will be running a race in a few weeks, and where Dallas is planning on deer hunting this year) and it was beautiful! With this rainy whether we've been having, the mountains are so lush! After all the work to get the food ready for the cookout, we wish we would have thrown our tent in so we could camp, too. At least we have our site planned for next time.

The kids loved running around, eating dirt (Annie) and exploring. They wanted to wander away from the adults- until we warned them about hungry bears. Their expressions were priceless!
We packed up and did a little four wheeling through the creek beds and up a short road. The trail wasn't long enough and we just ended up being hungry for more! I'm sure we'll end up on the trails within the next week or so.

When we were getting ready for the dinner I said, "The Nicoll's and the Perkins' are having a cookout!" and Will said, "I get to go with you, Grace Aryn Nicoll!" They both laughed at his mistake, then I replied "That would only be Grace's name if you two got married." They both got really serious looks on their faces and Will told me, "We are going to get married one day, huh Grace? Because we are very best friends."
We all feel lucky to live next to the Perkins family!


Terra said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love being in the mountains and wish we did it more often. I love that Will already knows who he will marry. Will and Grace :)

marciea casselman said...

That looks like a fun outing. Little kids need things like that...eating dirt, being scared of bears, and playing outside. It's good for everyone.

Erin said...

What fun way to spend the evening! I'm glad Annie enjoyed eating dirt, and Will enjoyed the time with his future spouse. Love it.