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Monday, August 30, 2010


We were having scripture study and talking about how the wicked men did not want the Book of Mormon to be published, but Jesus would not let his work be stopped, and so it was able to be completed. This is the conversation that followed:

Will: There aren't any more wicked men, hu Mom.
Mom: There are still wicked men.
Will: Why?
Mom: Because Satan doesn't want people to live with their families and to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father forever, so he tells people to do bad things and those people are wicked.
Will: Well, if Satan comes I'm going to cut his head off with my sword.
Mom and Dad: ?!?!

How do you respond to that?!


Andra said...

You say,
Heck yeah, Buddy!!!

sNick said...

Haha. Will is now officially my hero. I'll bet that before Satan goes to sleep, he checks under his bed to see if Will is there.

Erin said...

You're doing something right. Tyler tells me he'll get bad guys with his laser. Thank goodness for our little boys keeping us safe!

If your baseboards get too clean, they can come scrub mine!

*~Sarah~* said...

He's such a cutie.. I love him!