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Sunday, June 3, 2012

School's out for SUMMER!

We've been out of school for one week so far and we've already been to the zoo and run a race together!  It has been beautiful weather and our sunburns are evidence of that.  I also have more evidence of summer:
This is NOT our bath tub after the Dirty Dash; this is what it looked like after a normal day of playing outside.

 We went to the zoo with my friends Kalie and Erin and their kids.  Kalie had to leave pretty early, but my kids loved playing with Hannah and Tyler- we're lucky to have kids the same ages.
 Dallas gave me a great gift- he ran the Dirty Dash with me.  This is us before the mud.  Unfortunately the muddy pictures of us are on my Mom's camera.  He was a trooper and allowed me to outrun him so that my self esteem wasn't ruined by someone that NEVER TRAINS.

 I took Will on the Piglet Plunge.  You may not know that I hate dirt.  HATE- all caps.  I nearly cried the other day when Will filled an entire bucket of dirt up at my friend's house and then dumped it on his head, so running in the mud is a very rare thing for him.  It's fun for me to share my passion with my children.  Will is a good little runner already.


Terra said...

Your kids are to stinkin' cute! I can't believe how tall Will is getting! The Zoo is my very favorite summer activity!

Erin said...

That is one of the tale tell signs of summer...needing to bath your kids every day! Amy, we are going to need to plan play dates throughout the summer!

And look at your pearly whites smiling through all that mud. And don't worry, I too HATE dirt!

marciea casselman said...

After many years of fighting the war with dirt, getting upset because I wanted to dress Kalie in light pink, lime green and white, and she would come home with neopolitan colored clothing, with dirt being the strongest color, I finally resorted to navy blue, dark purple and other sundry colors that didn't show the dirt so much and we were all much happier. Kids + dirt = happiness.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

soooo cute!!!!! and good for you. ;)