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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

A new year means it's time for reflection and fresh starts. Thank. Goodness.

Dallas and I are still living in limbo.  He is chipping away at the granite mountain that is the Mechanical Engineering degree, and I run the house... and run around the house.  We are set in routine and while it's nice and comfortable, it's hard not to look out the window and want more.

We have lots of sentences that start with, "When you're done with school..."

I don't want to say that anymore!  Because when Dallas is done with school, my son will be almost old enough to be baptized and my daughter will be walking through the front doors of an elementary school, and I'm just not ready for any of that yet.

This year, it's time to enjoy what life is right now.  School schedules, babysitting and all!

I did pick some small, measurable goals that will help us enjoy life a little more.  (And or de-stress. You know, it's all in the same category anyway).

1.  Budget control!  No overspending the entertainment or grocery store budget.
2.  De-clutter one area of the house every week- be it a drawer, closet, room, file, what have you.
3.  This one's for me- ONE sugary treat per day.  I swear.  I, Amylee, am a sugar addict.  This is not news.  However, I feel that some people are in rehab for addictions that are nearly as powerful as my own- I'm just able to have better control over my actions when my veins are flowing with sugar than someone who's veins are flowing with crack might have.  Right?  Right.  It's time to rein that in and show some self control.

Along these same lines, I am doing a "Finer Life Project" with some of my closest friends, and in this project I've come up with a few "commandments" for myself, if you will.  I have them written everyplace hoping I will remember to do them.  They are:

Be Amylee
Choose the positive.
Let go.
Stay busy.
Say yes (especially to my children!)
Give people the benefit of the doubt.

More than anything, I hope to recognize and remember all of my blessings, and enjoy the time we have together- no matter the circumstances.


Ty and Mari said...

I agree. I have a lot of those sentences too but it is a little different starting.. not for long though. Ty is going back to school for a Masters Cert. I just have to remind myself how grateful I am for what I have now. If I am not then how can I ever be grateful for something I get in the future!? You are amazing. I didn't know you had a sugar problem. I do to, let me know what you do about it!

Amber said...

Very admirable goals. I like "Be Amylee" the best.

Amy N. said...

I'm totally a sugar addict.

I think we often preface our life with sentences like your school one. It's so easy to feel like your life is on hold, when in reality this is life!

kalie said...

Yes! Food addictions! I ditto every word you said there. We feel the same way about Kevin being done w residency. But I agree that life is about living in the moment.

marciea casselman said...

Second Christmas sounds like a fun idea. Kind of like second breakfast in The Lord of the Rings. I love seeing little children's reactions to Christmas. It is truly magical.
Happy new year to you. I haven't written or voiced my resolutions. I had better do something about that or nothing will happen this year...

Erin said...

I agree with you. If you wait to "start life" once he's done with school, you will find that you've missed some of the best years of your life. I love you friend!

Kim said...

Just wanted to tell you I love reading this blog and your running are an inspiration to many! We missed you at the Wilson Party this year. Love you.