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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa Claus is comin' to town!

At 7AM on Christmas morning Will came upstairs and was ready to open presents.  Annie was still asleep, so Dallas and I went in to wake her up.  I rubbed her back and Dallas said, "Wake up, Annie."  Annie squirmed and tried to get back under her blankets.  Then I said, "It's Christmas, Annie!"

Her eyes shot open and she exclaimed, "Santa's here!!!"

It was magic.  I wish their faces on Christmas morning could be burned into my memory!

Christmas Day was a bit crazy- running from place to place visiting with our families.  Dallas and I both agreed that Second Christmas was much more enjoyable.  We celebrated Second Christmas the day following Christmas Day and we were able to stay home all day, play with toys, watch our new movies, have Beyblade Tournaments ("Ready, Set, Beyblade!") and overall just enjoy each other



Erin said...

Second Christmas...reminds me of Second Breakfast. Which we unfortunately had almost every day for the last week! Your family puts a smile on my face. Glad you had a great Christmas.

Amber said...

I loved reading about and seeing all of your Christmas events. I'm sure your kids will love reading them, too, when they're all grown up and setting up their own traditions. What a happy Amylee you are.

kalie said...

What is a beyblade?