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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese Dragon Run

The Midway Running Club is putting on a new series of races this year, and the first race was the Chinese Dragon Run to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  As part of the race they put on a kids race.  Will and Annie were so excited!

As they got dressed Annie kept saying, "These are my running pants, just like you, hu Mom!" or "These are my running shoes, just like you, hu Mom!"  Will and Annie were wearing black and pink converse shoes respectively- they were certain that they would make them run faster, just like Benny's made him run faster and jump higher.
Annie ran with the 0-2 year olds.  It was a close race between her and the little boy behind her, but Annie is just like her mama and ended up with a 1st place win!
Will's division was 5-8 year olds, so he was one of the youngest.  He is also just like his mama- started out really fast and then died near the end.  He still finished in 6th place and did a great job!
The adult race was 4710 meters (2.92 miles) to celebrate the year 4710 on the Chinese calendar.  Since I have been fighting off some shin pain, I took it easy and tried to enjoy myself in spite of the wind, cold, and sleet.  The race had an indoor finish- which was fun for my family to hang out in.  I finished with an over all time of 21:39.9 with a 7:24 average pace.  It was a very small race and I ended up taking 1st overall for women.
They even had a dragon and everyone got to dance with it!
Annie and Will got chocolate dragon coins, a fortune cookie, and a party popper in their surprise Chinese box.

I won a gift card to the Canton City, and a $2 bill in my red envelope- a Chinese custom for the new year.
Is it possible that I can breed a family of runners?!  I hope so!


Tyler and Laura said...

You should make a million more kids. They are the cutest.

Jen and Chase said...

I agree with the above comment. Such cute pictures.

Trent and Whit said...

Look at your cute little runners!!!! That is so awesome!

Cam said...

You should've let them know that it is really rude to put anything less than $1000 NTD in a red envelope. That's about $30 USD.

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

I love the fact that you are able to share your passion with your family, besides the fact you are teaching them healthy life habits. The Wilson family fun run was a hit too. Thanks for doing it. :)