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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas- Wilson Style

I do believe that any sort of creative gene that I have comes from my Mother.  She's not the best decorator and doesn't craft, but my Mom knows how to put together some games!

We have a tradition that every year at our Christmas party my Mom comes up with games for the adults.  Now, I should tell you that not everyone in our family loves to play games (cough- Cami and Nate- cough) so my Mom gets us all interested by using the one thing we all can't get enough of....


We've played trivia, we've shot at targets with dart guns, we did the hula to string ornaments on the Christmas tree, and this year was the mother of all games- A treasure hunt (with the winners of the rounds getting the most points), mixed with some target shooting, and some "Minute to Win it" type games.

The competition is fierce and we all try to act like we don't care.

But we care.  We care A LOT.

We ran all over their yard in our coats searching for clues, I used the brim of a hat to place some toothbrushes in a toothbrush holder (in record time!), and Will, Dallas and I did our best at the target shooting.  When everything was figured the standings were:  Clay and Leslee (1), James and Kaydee (2), Dallas and Amylee (3), Cami and Nate (4), and Sam (DNS).

Lucky for us we all ended up with the same prize in dollar amounts in Smith's gift cards to use for our food storage.

We always have such a fun time at the Wilson party, and I'm so grateful for my parents who not only do a wonderful job at making sure we have a good time, but they are so thoughtful of their gifts and always take into account what we need.

I love my family.


Erin said...

It looks like you've had some wonderful famliy parties! That is what Christmas is all about. I honestly want to eat Annie...she is so cute.

Amy N. said...

That sounds amazing!

Vaughn and I couldn't handle it though. We are WAY more competitive than everyone else in the family. Though they become more competitive after seeing how much we care.

Trent and Whit said...

That is an ADORABLE picture of your parents!!!! Yay for family at Christmas!