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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dad's Camp Out!

Dallas took the kids on a camp out all by himself last weekend. He did the same thing last year with Will, and the kid has been talking about it ever since. It was supposed to be *boys only* but Will wanted to bring his baby sister. She's so cute that her Daddy couldn't say no (of course).

Off they went and left me to an evening for myself! I was happy placing many water bottles and shot blocks along my 22 mile running course for Saturday, and then I met my friend Lindsey Harvey to see The Help. Alone time is a wonderful thing.
Dallas braved the wild and fed the kids hot dogs- with no condiments (I'm so sorry I forgot them!!!!)- grapes, what Annie called "Pretty Suns" (Capri Suns), and Cheetos. After a few hours of exploring and playing with dirt and fire, they were ready to go to sleep in the cab of the truck.
...or something like that. There was no sleep going on. There was lots of giggling, singing, yelling random phrases, and pestering of the other sibling. So Dallas gave up and drove home at about midnight.
Which means, of course, that THIS finally happened- a sleepy Annie Kate.
I believe next year it will be *boys only* all over again.


kalie said...

Ha ha! How cute. That is great.

Heidi said...

Props to Dallas for even attempting a camping trip with the kids!

marciea casselman said...

What a brave dad. Boyd and I aren't that brave when we do it together!
I enjoyed your running post as well. Good luck on your marathon. I have to admit that I would much rather be on the sidelines cheering than running it myself.