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Friday, May 27, 2011


My little boy makes me cry nearly every day lately.

It has nothing to do with frustration and everything to do with sentimentality. He is SO BIG. From hiking for miles on our trip to Moab without hardly complaining, to riding on two wheels and getting his first 20" bike, saying prayers for his sweet baby sister, reading during scripture study, and then yesterday he graduated from preschool- the kid won't stop growing up not matter how much I tell him to!

Since Will is born in September he has another year of preschool to go before he heads to kindergarten. He's okay with staying in preschool, but he is sad that all of his friends are leaving. He drew all 9 of his classmates pictures of dragons, sharks, fish, and monster trucks because "They were all going to kindergarten and he didn't want them to forget him." It kind of breaks my Mommy heart a little bit.

I'm so proud of my boy and what a good listener he is. While I don't want him to grow up, I can't wait to see where the next steps will take him.

William, you are THE BEST!

This is Will with his teacher, Miss Katie. He has been attending Hands On Preschool this year.


Heidi said...

Congrats, Will! He is growing up so fast.

Phyllis said...

Congratulations to Will. He is growing up fast. You'll cherish this blog in the years to come.

marciea casselman said...

Just wait until your baby gets her drivers license. While it is immensely freeing, it is also a little sobering.
All I can say is enjoy every minute.

Erin said...

What a good boy he is. Amy, you are a great mommy. I love that he draws so much. These milestones really do tug at the heartstrings.

Oh, and I am super jealous you went to U2.

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

Good work Will! You are an awesome boy. You have some amazing talents. The Hansen cousin's love you very much.