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Monday, May 30, 2011


We just spent our Memorial Day *attempting* to get rid of the water in my parents basement.

I used the word attempt because by the time I left (after 7.5 hours of hard work), they were still unsuccessful at even getting the water to stop entering the house. Needless to say, I brought my kids home and left my hardworking, and very handsome, husband there to provide free labor for the parentals.

I seriously married the best man in this entire UNIVERSE.

Sorry about the flood Mom and Dad.


Rachelle VDub said...

OH.....that is SO sad!!!

And, Im with you...I cant believe how big Will is getting either. Its so sad how fast it goes by!!!

marciea casselman said...

Water can be so completely damaging. I am sorry that they have water in their basement. NOT FUN!! We have had water in our unfinished basement and it was ugly then. Now I'd be hysterical because our basement is finished all the way.

Clayton And Leslee Family said...

Dear Water Table that keeps Rising...Houses Don't FLOAT!!! Stop entering into our crawl space and everyone elses Basements!!
Frustrated and tired People everywhere bailing Water every other day! STOP RAINING!