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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey 2010

Thanksgiving is over. I will never be able to get over the holiday let down; all that anticipation and then- boom- your left with piles and piles of dishes, food hangovers, and containers of turkey that smell like, well, a fart when you open them. (Don't tell Dallas that I said "fart" on our blog.)

The Nicoll family celebrated 36 people deep on Thursday. Personally, I was thankful that Dallas' Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doran have a large enough house to fit us all and allow those who want to nap to do so. Annie and Will were thoroughly entertained the whole day- what with the candy corn decorations, who needs to bother Mom for a snack, right? It was great to be together with some of the people we love the very most.
The people I am most thankful for in this entire universe.
Below- David, Liz, Kayla and Elijah Nicoll
Nancy Henrie, Rick Little, Ashley Little, Katie Henrie, Nate Henrie
Beau, Kallie, Liesel and Jordan
Beau and Grandpa Lyman Nicoll
Jordan, Liesel, Dallas, Austin, and Abby
I started the morning at the Turkey Trot in Midway. When we raced it was below zero- FREEZING is totally an understatement. When the runners crossed the finish line they were covered in frost because your sweat would just instantly freeze. I wish I had my camera to capture Dallas' brother Austin- he won an award for best frozen beard.

I raced well and was able to take 2nd place overall in women. I had a PR with a 21:47 5K- a 7:20 avg/mile. I had to push hard to beat my little neighbor boy, Zak Kohler. The kid is 10 and is a machine! I came in a minute or so after Austin which means I have a new goal- beat my bearded brother-in-law.
Zak and Mindy Kohler, Katie Nelson, Me

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Erin said...

Amy, you are the machine. That is a fast mile! Your family makes me smile.