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Monday, June 21, 2010

Seth {Heart} Sierra

Weddings are always such happy/nostalgic/stressful/fun/exciting/long occasions. Sierra planned a gorgeous event- even though we were rained out of the outside reception, the church ended up looking great! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. We are so glad that Seth is OFFICIALLY our brother-in-law, and Sierra is now a Schvaneveldt!

Now for the onslaught of pictures:

The Nicoll's
Back row: Jake, Misty, Mark, Kristie, Sierra, Seth, Amylee, Annie, Will, Dallas, Jordan, Beau Front row: Shanna, Thomas, Abby, Lyman, Phyllis, Carolyn, Jim, Kallie, Liesel

I have to explain the picture below. Last year, just after I had Annie, Sierra and Seth were nice enough to take Will to the Hogle Zoo with Seth's family for his family reunion. Well, Will got car sick and puked in Seth's Mom's car on the way down Parley's Canyon. Twice. Therefore, he was left with no clothes. With much generosity from Seth's Mom, Denise, Will acquired the infamous "Zoo Jammies". They are awful and awesome all at once. We changed Will into them when the reception was over so he would be comfy on the ride home- we all had a good laugh at his expense.


WilliamandMegan said...

cute pictures! LOVE your green dress!

marciea casselman said...

I remember your reception having the same thing...being rained out. But those things are trivial. It seems stressful at the time but a good story later on. Right?