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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Annie Kate and Kyla Jayne

They don't realize it now, but these two one (or, almost one) year-old girls are going to be best friends. At least they will if their parents have anything to do with it. So happy to celebrate your birthdays little ladies!
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marciea casselman said...

That year sure did fly by. We had super good friends that we did stuff with when Kalie was a baby. They had a daughter the same age. Those two played together so much and were very good buddies.
Then the parents moved, and we moved and then we moved again and we haven't kept in touch very well.
Hopefully you won't follow my bad example and you will keep in touch.
I think I'll go write a letter...

Ben and Heidi said...

I love them! We have the cutest little girls! :)