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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Summer Baby!!!

Growing up we spent a lot of time camping. I'm hoping my kids can make similar memories with Dallas and I as they grow. Memories like:
Wearing mismatched outfits.

Playing with Grandpa.

Playing with fire.

Being miserably cold for the sake of "fun".

Let's not forget other Memorial Day favorites like BBQ's, games, and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins that you can handle!


Erin said...

It is summer! Annie is a cute little camping buddy. Let's make a goal to play at least once a month this summer. Sound good?

marciea casselman said...

Those types of activities make very happy memories.
Our camping memories are actually quite tragic. We have barfing, rain, sickness and an occasional fun time.
So basically we do other Disneyland, cruising, and when we go exploring we stay in a hotel. I hope my kids have as good of memories as your kids will.
And by the way, that picture I took of Kalie and Alyssa is one of my favorite I have ever taken.

The Harveys said...

It was so much fun there were books involved.

Clayton And Leslee said...

Pretty sure that is the worst picture in the world of me. How much bigger could I look with a bag of chips and a Coke sitting in front of me :) Yuck! Looks like I had been Camping for a few days...