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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh dear...

I walked into our bedroom and on our dresser was Dallas' handgun completely dismantled. On our bed was our 2 year old son, jumping merrily away. I was annoyed. Gun... 2 year old... not really a recipe for a good time. I put the gun in Dallas' gun safe, and then he walked in the room.

Me: You're welcome for putting your gun away. (Imagine this dripping with sarcasm).

Dallas: What? If he could put that together, then he's a GENIUS.

I don't think he got it.

***Don't worry, normally all guns are very securely stored in our household. Dallas had just finished cleaning it. I promise we are safe.


Kennedy said...

If my three year old can use my iPhone without having to be told how then it isn't much of a stretch for your son to be a "genius." Lol. I know it's unlikely, but I feel the same way you do...better to be safe than sorry!

Ty and Laura said...

I wish I could write what my eye roll looks like. Ugh, I hate guns.

marciea casselman said...

I guess it's a sad but true fact that our children are smarter than we are. I learned that truth several years ago when I realized that Kalie's math problems were out of my thought-processing-league.
Then she came home with the wonderful words of her English teacher at Fairfield: "If our children aren't learning more than we did then our society isn't progressing." Or something to that effect.
So he probably is a genius and would be able to put it together just like Sydney Bristow on Alias when she was a child. :)

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

Hey girly...So this is totally in advance...but I am planning a killer (HEHE) ladies Halloween party and cant seem to find your email...will you please remind me? Keep October 30th open!