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Thursday, September 17, 2009

In my valid opinion...

Fall is definitely the best season. The temperatures are the greatest, the sights are spectacular, and you can finally get back to reality (I love being able to put Will down on time these days).
Sometimes it's okay to like totally ridiculous songs. No one will know if you are singing really loud to Miley Cyrus in the comfort of your own Jeep Liberty. (See Jen Lee, you aren't alone out there!)
It is the worst to pay for new tires on your car. No matter how bad you need them, it is still annoying to pay for them. I can think of about a zillion things I would rather spend $500 on.
Redbox could possibly be one of the best inventions ever.
Michael Jackson wasn't a sicko. I just think he was robbed of real life. I think he was innocent. Weird. But innocent all the same. I also think his music will never die- kind of like the Beach Boys.
Teenagers aren't so bad. Sure they smell bad and they don't know how to keep their hormones under control, but sometimes they can surprise you with some deep channelled emotion and a beautiful piece of art. I like them. I think I will spend some extra time with them for a few more weeks.
Coupons may be annoying, but they can also save you $29.00 on one shopping trip.
Sleep is overrated. Rocking your sweet baby girl in the middle of the night and watching her smile when she looks at you isn't.
Besides having your own baby, nothing is more exciting than when your sister has hers... we are patiently waiting over here, Baby Alex!
I have really missed watching good, well written sitcoms. Remember "Must See TV"? I am welcoming the return of The Office, and Grey's Anatomy with open arms. Reality TV is a severe waste of time. We should stop ruining perfectly good peoples lives by examining every move they make from the comfort of our own living rooms. I wonder how humiliated we would be if we watched everything we did on a daily basis on public television.
Boys will be boys. It is an inherent trait for them to be attracted to anything messy, loud, or annoying. My favorite time is when Will has just been pulled from a clean bath and slathered in lotion- that clean fresh smell only lasts about 30 minutes on that boy!
Birthdays are like magic in the eyes of a child.


Nate, Cami and Crew said...

Love your post! We are excited for Will's birthday too. I think that I get as excited for my children's b-day as much as they do. Give your darlings a kiss from us and we will see you very soon.

Erin said...

I agree about the Beach Boys. Even if I haven't heard one of their songs for a while, the moment I do, I can sing every word!

I love the bathtime freshness of a clean toddler. If only he' let me snuggle him!

marciea casselman said...

I think you are right about Michael Jackson...someone who was thrust into the limelight way too young.
The older you get the more you feel that sleep definitely ISN"T overrated. I need as much as I can get. And rocking a baby in the middle of the night has to be something that you young whippersnappers get to do!!!

Snick said...

Genius. Pure genius. Hooks it will be. Happy TLAPD to ye, matey!

k.k. chamberlain said...

Most teenagers actually don't stink. However, you are SPOT ON in your assessment of their ability to suppress hormonal urges. And I think they are wonderful, too. I just might start watching Grey's again... but only if Izzy dies. Call me heartless. I am.