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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Misadventures of William Bentley

There is a very adorable little boy that lives at my house. He makes me laugh sometimes. He is full of curiosity and excitement, but sometimes that curiosity gets the best of him...

Like when he ate bird poop while we were camping. It was big. It was gross. I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson considering he threw up immediately following the incident.

He also likes to fish. Lucky for us, fishing with a rock tied to the end of a fishing pole by his grandma, and fishing with a hook and a worm is equally exciting. In fact, I bet he could go fishing in the bathtub and still think he would catch a "huge shark". (Mental note, try this).

He has also been trying out some unsavory language as of late. The words "pee" and "poop" aren't used in our house. Will knows this, but he tries to sneak them in when we are goofing around to test the waters a little bit. He forgets that his dad is Dallas Nicoll and King of Manners- nothing gets by him.

He is curious about many things on his body. Today he informed me that his arms are covered in owies. After carefully inspecting his arms, I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. Then it hits: he thinks the hairs on his arms are owies.

Will has finally decided that it is okay to sing, but only at times where he deems it appropriate. His favorite is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Why? He knows I hate them and he thinks it's funny to like them. (He's already learning to torture me. What am I going to do when he's 15?!)

My favorite out of all of these is his curiosity about his baby sister. He will softly rub my belly and give it a hug. He'll talk about his baby sister and how he can't wait for her to come out. He's planning on giving her her special purple blanket at the hospital. He also loves to hear her heart beat at my doctor appointments; every time he hears it he gets a huge smile on his face. I just hope this sweetness continues when baby sister actually arrives.

I really love him... inspite of the spiders.


marciea casselman said...

I love it when children become verbal and start expressing themselves. Their little minds are going a hundred miles an hour and it's fun to see what they have to say.
Sounds like the baby girl is settling in for a little more growth and lung development.............:)

Hannah said...

haha. he sounds like a CUTIE!

katie said...

Oh how I love that boy!
It's as though I can hear your voice as you are describing each of the situations.

The Harveys said...

Pee and Poop? Oh dear- I'm afraid that we use those words all the time in our house, so I am sorry if McKenzie is ever a bad influence. Also- I love that he loves his sister. Me too.

Erin said...

The eating bird poop thing gets me! Will is one of a kind Amy. Should we play before baby Annie comes?

Brody and Ashley said...

Will is so stinkin cute! I want to meet this kid. And I am afraid those words are used at my house too. So, what do you say instead of those. I hate the word potty! Do you just say bathroom?