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Friday, June 19, 2009

Island Park 2009

We ended up going to Island Park, ID on an impromptu trip late Friday night. Being 37 1/2 weeks pregnant last Friday, I was complaining that I couldn't go with my family to my very favorite vacation spot. We were playing cards with the Grandparents and this is what transpired:

Dallas: Let's go to Island Park in the morning.
Me: Ha ha.
Dallas: Actually, let's get in the car and go tonight!
Me: Tell you what, if I win this card game then we'll leave tonight.

You also must know that I was behind in said game and we were on the last hand. Lo and behold, I drew the card I needed, went out and caught everyone in the process, making me the winner of the game!

We laughed.

Then we left Scooter with them, headed home, packed, and were on the road in 45 minutes. 5 hours later we were bunking down in my parents trailer at 3:30 AM for a weekend filled with rain, fishing, and animal sightseeing.

Even though I was sick, and uncomfortable, it was totally worth it! We saw a wolf in Yellowstone (which I have never seen before), a coyote hunting, and a grizzly bear up close floating down the river. Will loved "Old Fakeful" (as he calls it), as well as the stinky mud pots.

Was it kind of stupid to be so far away from my doctor when I'm so close to delivery? Yes, but it was just the trip we needed as a family before our little lady shows her face. And, hey, I'm still pregnant so obviously it wasn't a problem.

Here's some pics:


katie said...

Totally worth it! Glad you guys made it happen.

Erin said...

You are braver than I am, and a better sport too. I would've suggested going someplace with a King size bed and room service!

I'm glad you got one more good family trip in before the big event!

marciea casselman said...

I thought about you this week because we were down in Moab with the YSA ward that Boyd is in the bishopric with. We hiked up to Delicate Arch and went river rafting down the Colorado river.
While we were walking on slick rock to Delicate Arch I thought about you and your family and how much you enjoy vacationing down in Moab. I can see why now.

k.k.chamberlain said...

Hi skinny. I can't even tell you are pregnant in that picture. I lurve you. And the trip looks AWESOME. Wait. Is that your favorite place on earth? NOW I would get that Facebook quiz ? coorect. :)

blogarama mamma said...

Fun. You are a freakin' good sport. I'm already thinking up excuses not to have to walk up the stairs. Can't believe you're so close! Yay!

Brody and Ashley said...

That's funny, we were up to Island Park that weekend too! I am glad you did not have to have a baby up there!!! And I hope you are doing well at this moment- hopefully in the hospital about to have that little girl!

Troy and Heather said...

That is great you got to get away before the baby got here. I am sorry, but you look so good for being that pregnant. It looks like you all had fun.