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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moab 2009

We just got back from Moab over this last weekend. (Okay, so not really "just got back" but we got back on Sunday; it just feels like we just got back because of the events that happened after Moab- which is a topic for a different post). We went with Dallas' sister Liesel and her husband Jordan, my cousin Laura and her husband Tyler, then Dallas' sister Sierra and her boyfriend Seth made a late appearance as well as a whole grundle of Jordan's friends.

The first day we took the jeeps and the four wheelers on Hell's Revenge. I thought that riding in a jeep would be okay because there would be less bouncing (I was wrong. Thank goodness you can take Tylenol while you are pregnant). It was HOT which was fabulous. We all forgot sunscreen and ended up getting burned (everyone except Will that is, thank you tender mercy from Heaven). It was a long ride waiting for the jeeps to keep up, so they decided on the next rides to not go together.
We came home for a quick lunch and then the guys headed out on the Moab Rim trail while the girls stayed back, got cleaned up and chatted. I'm sure it was nice not to have the girls slowing them down.
The next day they went on the Poisonous Spider trail. I hear it was much more fun than the first day because the four wheelers could do the trail so much quicker- plus it was a little bit overcast.

We did some shopping, roasting hot dogs and playing at the park, too. The most hilarious part about the trip is where we stayed- inside of my brother-in-law Jordan's empty office supply store. We pitched tents and stayed out of the dirt... if only there were showers in the office!
We had so much fun with everyone and we were grateful to spend some time where it really felt like spring- the trees were getting their leaves and the blossoms were out while we were there. Here's to next year when I can do more trails!!!

Laura and Tyler
Sierra and Seth

Liesel and Jordan


Trent and Steph said...

I am glad you guys had a great trip.

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

How fun is that? I am totally jealous you were in WARM weather last weekend! I love Moab, and am also jealous that you were there!

kalie and kevin chamberlain said...

1. I love Moab, too.
2. Can you really be pregnant? You are so tiny I am beginning to think it's not actually true.
3. Love the scrunchy nose pic.
4. Your bangs and haircut are fabulous.

marciea casselman said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. Did I see a bit of a tummy in those photos? You look great, and I did see Dallas smile with his new teeth! Yay!!

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

Glad you guys had such a great time. Jeepin' is rough on the pregnant ladies! I bet Will was in heaven being surrounded by trucks and 4-wheelers all day. Love you tons.

Erin said...

That picture of Will on the rocks is a definite keeper! I'm sorry you can back from warm weather just in time for snow.

angied said...

looks fun! gives me spring fever bad!!

Sam and Darcy said...

I have been awful at keeping up with everyone's blogs. Wow! Dallas looks great! It is so nice to see him really smile. I almost don't recognize him. I am super happy for you guys.

cole linnae said...

your family is SO stinkin cute :)

The Harveys said...

I really am so jealous that you got to go away- especially from this crappy weather! It looks nice there.