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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Have you met Teddy?

He's the colorful bear that you see in the picture below(photographed with Annie's other favorites- Pink Kitty, Baby Kate, and Penguin).

Of late Teddy has taken on a new status besides favorite stuffed toy; I'm beginning to believe that Annie thinks he's a real person.

She prays for him at night along with the rest of the members of our family.

He has to be tickled during the "Rubber Ducky" song so he doesn't feel left out.

He gets snuggles from Mom and Dad.

The kicker- the other night when we were talking about Heaven and our spirits, Annie said, "When Teddy dies his spirit will go to Heaven."  Will argued with her, and then I kindly explained that Teddy was only a stuffed animal and didn't have a spirit.

She was flabbergasted.
I love that Annie has such a friend in Teddy.  He makes her happy, and he's the quietest little guy around.

I had a friend like that when I was little- her name was Honey Bunny, and she is actually in the collection of Annie's favorites now.  Honey Bunny was purchased at a neighbor's garage sale and given to me by my big brother Sam.  I loved her so much that when I got my first real rabbit, I named her Honey after my old stuffed toy.

Stuffed animals make good friends.

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marciea casselman said...

They make the best kind of friends because they don't eat much, don't make a mess and they are really quiet. Alyssa's stuffed dog Licorice was the best pet we ever had. She is my only child who loved stuffed animals.