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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great Grandma Nicoll's Party

I love traditions. I love doing the same things every year and experiencing them in a new way. I love sharing them with my kids. I love that Christmas is chuck full of these!

This year at Grandma Nicoll's party, our whole family participated.  Annie was Mary, Will was Joseph, Dallas was the Donkey, and I was the angel Gabriel.  Annie took her part so seriously.  During the production when Grandma Nicoll narrated and introduced Mary for the first time, Annie pointed to herself quietly and said "That's me."
Do you spy Teddy wrapped up in swaddling clothes?

Grandma Nicoll gives all of the unmarried grand kids and great grand kids pajamas every Christmas.  Below is pictures Trennen Little, Thomas Nicoll, Will, Kayla Nicoll, Annie, and Elijah Nicoll.
The entire Nicoll grandchildren/ great grandchildren brood!

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