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Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Photos

Dallas couldn't understand why I wanted to get family pictures this fall when in only a few months from now they would be outdated.  I just wanted so badly to capture our family how it is NOW.  Everything will be changing, but I love our little family of four, and I wanted to remember what it was like- just four of us.

So, we compromised.  This time I took our pictures with the help of a self timer, and next year I'll be able to hire a real photographer.  They turned out pretty well considering.  I love these guys.


Mindy Kohler said...

You did these yourself?? I'm even more impressed, they turned out great! Such a cute little family.

marciea casselman said...

I cannot believe how amazing these pictures turned out. Why hire a professional? You're doing great!!!

Erin said...

These really did turn out amazing! You've got skills!

Andrea said...

Amy those are amazing pictures!! I would go for the self-timer anytime. And if you need a photographer in the future I'm an amiture for sure, but my camera is decent, I give you all the digital negatives, and I'm FREE. The drive to Heber would be fun. :)