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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Mom,

Now that I'm a little older and wiser, I feel the need to apologize for some of my more frustrating behavior.

I'm sorry that as a little child I ran around leaving trails of paper, Barbie shoes, and stuffed animals everywhere I went.  I know it was a mess and it certainly would have been easier if I had cleaned it up as I went along.

As a mother, I'm sure you didn't love seeing your little boy dressed up in a tube top made out of old sweat pants with curled hair and blush on his cheeks.  I really wanted a little sister and it was all in good fun.  Promise.

I'm sorry that James and I pestered Clay relentlessly.  I swear I didn't realize how teeth-gritting his squeals of torment were, or that James and I were bothering you at all.  We just meant to bother Clay.

I'm sorry that I would sit down on the basement floor and pee my pants, only to get back up again and continue playing.  I know 5 is a little old to be having accidents like that.  I had a hard time breaking away from my play time and I didn't want to leave my friends.

When you were in the kitchen making dinner for our family, I didn't know that it was really annoying that I would come up to you and say I was hungry and ask for a snack.  I was just telling you how I felt!  I also didn't realize that it was even more annoying that I would fill up on tortilla chips right before dinner.

When I would just disappear and head to my friend's house to play without telling you, I was unaware that it could throw you into a type of panic that is nearly unmatched.  I just assumed you would know I went to Kristie's house.

I just want you to know that now that I have kids of my own, I'm learning a lot.

And I am being paid back for any torture that I had previously inflicted because, as it would turn out, I have two kids that are just like me.

Imagine that.

Mimi with the Light Brown Hair

PS- Tell Dad I took his tic-tacs.  I really just wanted something sweet; I wasn't intending to consistently dwindle his supply of breath mints.


katie said...

Perfection on so many levels. The circle of life. Interesting...

Amber said...

Can't tell you how many moments like this I have had, where I realize, "Hey, that's what Mom was talking about!"

Clayton And Leslee Family said...

As Craig Says "Some peoples Kids" funny how now that our kids are growing up it's OUR kids he's talking about Not his own. Although it's all implied. :) I'm thinking my pay back is going to be the Teenage Years.....