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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting a good picture of children is nearly impossible.

This is one of the first pictures, which means I was still asking nicely and saying, "say cheese" with a smile on my own face.

Now we're in the midst of a battle- "Hold still!", "Look at the camera!", and "Don't smile like that!" can be heard like war cries in the battle field. Why won't they hold still and smile so we can just get this over with? Is it really that difficult?! Is it really impossible to hold still for 2 seconds?!?!
I've given up. I'm looking at Jennifer in defeat as I snap the last picture before my battery dies, when, lo and behold- (cue angelic music here)- a picture with all 5 children at least looking up!

Will, James, Alli, Miles and Annie
They're not all smiling, but at least I can see those eyes! Now off to swim!
Taken at the Yarbrough's condo in Deer Valley.


k.k. chamberlain said...

I want to give Will a noogie. But that would freak him out, so I'll just pretend I did it and give him a Starburst instead.

marciea casselman said...

I think it is funny that no one wants to look at the camera. Of course they all feed off of each other which makes it worse. I'm glad you were persistent enough to get 10 eyes in your direction.