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Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween!

As my kids continue to get older, the holidays just get better and better! This Halloween was no exception as we got to experience the events with some new traditions.
Will's preschool had a costume parade. The children were ecstatic walking around the block with giant smiles, waving, and saying "Happy Halloween". Things only got better when we went to their classroom where they sang some festive songs, and fed us doughnuts and Pirate Juice (homemade root beer)- "Drink if you Darrrrrre!" I was so proud to see Will sing with his classmates and to watch him interact in a different setting. He is so big!
Will was "Deadly Nadder" the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon this year.
Halloween evening was exceptionally rainy in Heber City, so luckily the annual Trunk-or-Treat was moved inside. There were chairs set all around the gym and the children walked around in a circle collecting their goodies. Will walked around by himself with his friend Grace, and Annie stood by Dallas and I shamelessly attacking the candy bowl. When we ran out of candy we walked Annie around to collect a few pieces, and then we were off to a little party at my friend Tracie Garcia's. Tracie stuffed us with goodies to give us energy to go door to door.
Unfortunately, it was just too rainy to Trick-or-Treat. We made it to 4 houses before we were drenched and headed to Grandma Kaiserman's for a game of Klondike Rummy and some pumpkin sheet cake and hot cocoa. We let Will eat candy to his little hearts content, and then we headed home- totally exhausted!

Happy Halloween!!!!!


Phyllis said...

Darling costumes, sounds like you had a great time.

Heidi said...

Ummm, where are your costumes!?!

angied said...

cute kids! i kindof hate truck or treating cause no one ever comes door to door anymore. i like to see the kids dressed up. but it sounds like you had alot of fun!