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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Richie & Ashleigh Wilson

One of my closest cousins, Richie Wilson, was sealed to his high school sweetheart, Ashleigh Miller, on October 9, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple. Words can't express how tender my heart was to see Richie walk in holding his sweet fiance's hand as they entered the sealing room, anticipating the ceremony and their lives together. So many eyes were wet from the second they entered; you can imagine how it was once everything got started! (Dallas leaned over to me at one point and said, "I've never seen such a bunch of babies." It's true. I blame it on the Wilson "cry gene". It's horrible). The sealer talked about so many beautiful things~
  • It's our Savior that made it possible for us to be sealed together as families, forever.
  • The Proclamation to the World is one of the keystones to our religion because it discusses the importance of the most sacred unit- the family. We are to read it often, teach it to our children and spouses, and to display it in a prominent place to remind us of its importance that we may never forget how sacred our families are.
  • Hold hands with your spouse- it's the simplest way to tell them that you love them, and to show others that you are in love and care for one another.
  • Have family prayer with your babies in your arms so that they might remember to turn to the Lord for help. Our Father in Heaven hears a child's simple prayers, just as he hears ours. Family prayer will help your children grow strong, and feel safe in your home because it is a place where the spirit dwells.
I'm so proud of Richie and Ashleigh and all the hard work, dedication, patience, and love that it took them to go to the temple. It was a perfect moment; pure and simple.

The reception at The Grand America was gorgeous and so much fun. We were so thankful to be a part of their day and wish them the best in their lives together.

Laura and Tyler McAllister

Aunt Sue Lantz and my Mom, Sandy Wilson

Sweet Annie

William Bentley

Ashleigh and her Dad, Bart Miller

Leslee, Clayton and Kenny Wilson

Baily Boaz and Uncle Scott Wilson

Annie and Dallas

Me, my sister Cami and nephew Alex Hansen

I almost forgot my favorite part of the night! We were talking to Will about how one day he will grow up and can get married in the temple. He told us that he was going to marry Annie one day. We tried to explain to him that we don't marry people in our families and he almost started to cry! I'm glad my kids love eachother.


k.k. chamberlain said...

I absolutely love Ashleigh's dress! The pictures are lovely. Did you get your hair cut? It looks so super cute! Your mom is so beautiful ... there are many good Wilson genes out there. Everyone looks so happy, it makes me want to get married all over again.

And that is SO cute about Will.

Amber said...

Tae and Canon have always said that they are going to marry each other. Silly kids.

Tracie said...

You looked beautiful as the lady in red! Cute pictures of all of you. I love the one of Will all dressed up like a little man :)

Joy Boaz said...

It was an awesome day, wasn't it? I loved seeing you and your sweet family. How do we even top a wedding like that? Love you!

marciea casselman said...

I agree. That was one awesome reception...a total party. I talked to your mom for a bit and of course, Elaine and Bp. Wilson. We were so glad we went.

Ashley said...

Beautiful day! I wish I could have been to the reception to see them. They are so happy, wow what a cute couple! Enjoyed your post about families Amy. Hey, I am so excited for you and your race in a few days in Park City! Way to go, you rock!