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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Annie,

Time is going by so quickly! You are my baby girl and I am so glad I get to hold you and love you every single day for every single moment.

You love to play! Sometimes we play hide and seek together. You always hide in the same spots- by your tall cupboard and behind the green recliner. Sometimes I hide and then you come hide with me.

You love to look at books with me; this is my favorite time of day. I will sit in the green chair in your room and you will toddle to the closet, dig through your pile of books until you find the perfect one (usually "All About Me")-exclaim "Oooo" with your mouth all round- and then you come back to the chair where I pull you on my lap and we snuggle and read. You don't say many of the words yet, but you love to point at the pictures and make silly sounds! You have said a few new words this month. You now say "eye", "cracker", "book", and you are trying so hard to say "Will". You always tell me when you get hurt by saying "ow".

Will doesn't play with you a lot, but when he does you two just giggle and giggle. He is very protective over you and makes sure that you are being taken care of and aren't getting hurt. He's going to take good care of you when you are both bigger and in school. When Will is in preschool we have our special "girl time" that I look forward to. This is usually when we play our games.

You love it when I put you on the counter in your bumbo to do your hair. We play "Beauty Shop" and you play with your toothbrush and hair clips and patiently wait for me to make your hair pretty (although it usually only last for a few minutes). You had your haircut for the first time by mommy's friend Marissa, and your bob looks so sweet on you.
Your Daddy loves to snuggle you! You are a very affectionate little girl and will give anyone kisses and hugs if we ask you to. Daddy can also make you giggle better than anyone else, just like he always has! When Daddy comes home from school you always get a big smile on your face and wait for him to pick you up.

Your favorite toys are still your stuffed animals. Grandma Kristie just gave you a new bear that you take everywhere with your pink kitty. Stuffed animals litter our house because you are always carrying one around!

I wish I could freeze you just the way you are. I am trying to write down everything you do that makes us smile so that when you are a big girl I can look back and remember how much love and happiness you brought into our home.

Thank you for being my little girl,


Erin said...

I seriously want to say ditto to everything you said. She is a sweet girl. You are a great mommy!

Laura said...

She really DOES smile! Look at that last picture! I'm in shock...

Amber said...

Oh, that was sweet. Every kid is so different, aren't they? Even when they're so small, they are clearly defined individuals. I'm glad you have this little girl in your life, Amylee.

marciea casselman said...

I think it's great that you write these things down. You think you won't forget but you do when you are old like me. :)

Tracie said...

Beautiful Post Amy, what great memories you are making to reflect back on for years to come.

katie said...

Permission to cry please.