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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bride to Be

Dallas' sister's are all incredibly gorgeous. They make even more flattering brides. I was able to be with Sierra when she had her bridal photos taken yesterday. It was so much fun! I was so impressed with all of the things Sierra made herself for her ensemble- the fabric flowers for her dress, jewelry, veil, hair clip. Each piece was more stunning than the next! She even hand-picked her own flowers for her bouquet. She has quite the eye for style and I can't wait to see how her wedding is going to turn out.


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marciea casselman said...

I wish I had an eye for style. I can generally make things, I'm just challenged when it comes to dreaming them up. I love the flowers on the dress. It reminds me of the segment on Studio 5 today about embellishing your t-shirts with another t-shirt of the same color. Check it out on