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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I don't really care about it, but for some reason I can't stop watching it.

There are some things that I really need to get off my chest about the contestants on season 9 of American Idol. Let's just go down the row, shall we?
Tim Urban: Probably has a future career in High School Musical 4. He just screams Disney.
Siobahn Magnus: There aren't really words. You just kind of freak me out. Also, do you have a cold? Sometimes I think you have a cold.
Crystal Bowersox: Thank goodness for Crest White-strips.
Katie Stevens: A dime a dozen.
Michael Lynche: The only reason you are still on is because you could literally squash every producer... probably at the same time. Can we say "Ruben Studdard II"?
Casey James: AKA Kara's pet. Her giddy smile is a little bit creepy when you take the stage. Little bit.
Lee Dewyze: I like you. Glad you figured yourself out in the last few weeks. Rock on, Brotha'.
Andrew Garcia: I had high hopes for you, but you continue to suck, week after week. Also, you probably shouldn't ever be onstage without your guitar.
Aaron Kelly: We now know that 13 year-old girls vote in droves.


Joy Boaz said...

Agreed! Not to much to rave about this year. I can't stand Siobahn. She is too weird!!

marciea casselman said...

So funny because we are feeling compelled to watch it also. I love your synopsis about each member. Here's mine on some of them:
Crystal: she sings with her eyes closed and doesn't connect with me. She's good, though.
Tim Urban: Yeah, he's cute and getting better.
Siobahn: Can't figure her out, but she is definitely unique.
Katie: agree 100%
Michael: I like him. I think he is really good.
Lee: Love him. Can't get enough of his voice. Just not sure I want to cross him in an alley.
Casey: Does he remind you a little of Taylor Hicks?
Andrew: He has done some fantastic songs. I thought his rendition last night was kind of cool. Apparently the judges didn't.
Aaron: Cute but time to go home.
The end

angied said...

haha thats really funny. i think you are pretty much right on with every one of those!

angied said...

haha thats really funny. i think you are pretty much right on with every one of those!

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

You are RiGhT! I too like Lee Dewyze, his voice is very unique, plus I am still a rocker at heart. I think Katie and Casey would do well in the country biz. I did like Tim last night but had been unimpressed in the past. Who do you think will be kicked-off. I am hoping for Aaron or Siobahn.

k.k. chamberlain said...

Honestly. This post is so weirdly resonant of OUR HOUSE, because for SOME UNKNOWN REASON, we have started watching Idol again, even though I literally DISLIKE the show. I'ts weird. But it's Kevin! I know.
Tim? He uses a straightener on his hair.
Siobhan? I don't understand anything about her, from the spelling of her name to her screaming.
Crystal? Dreds? Really? REALLY??
Katie? Katie who?
Michael? They should have saved the save.
Casey? He looks like an Abercrombie model but still scares me a little. Anyone who "shakes" in anger while singing about being a jealous guy ...
Lee? He is a favorite. Maybe because he looks like one of my exes? And his voice is yum.
Andrew? Kill me NOW, please.
Aaron? Are you sure he's been thru puberty?

Pretty much, DITTO.

Ben and Heidi said...

I lost interest in this show after the second season and haven't watched an episode since. I'm imagining these people based on your descriptions and it's quite hilarious!

Ben and Heidi said...
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