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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Will~

I love you, even when you:
  • Climb underneath my skirt during the sacrament and announce, "Hey Mom! You forgot to wear pants!"
  • Tell me you don't like me because I won't let you have any chocolate chip cookies before dinner.
  • Get me up in the middle of the night because you need to use the potty, but don't want to wash your hands with soap and water because you would rather use the "hanitizer".
  • Jump all over the couches after I tell you no only to sit down quickly and say, "Oh. I forgot."
  • Torment Annie by trying to hold her hand, even when she is protesting loudly that she doesn't want her hand held.
  • Yell "Hi Kyla!" in the middle of the sacrament.
  • Tell me you have a "bully ache" when eating your dinner because you would rather play than eat.
  • Scrunch up your face and tell me "No" when you don't want to clean up your toys/use the potty/take a nap/go to church/eat your dinner/do your chores/brush your teeth.

... because one day, you are going to thank me for everything.


WilliamandMegan said...

haha adorable post, that made me smile

marciea casselman said...

Children are so.....refreshing, honest, exasperating, fun, joyful, irritating and fulfilling.

cole linnae said...

you are the best.
quit forgetting to wear pants

Erin said...

He will thank you though. You are wonderful! I always love a good church exclamation from little ones.

Kandyce said...

You're such an amazing mother! :)

--and I loved the bit about the "hanitizer." Too funny!! :)

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh that Will! He's always good for a laugh.

Trent and Whit said...

What a guy! We love him too.

Trent and Steph said...

He is too cute and I am sure it is hard to get mad at him.

*~Sarah~* said...

I love that boy! Im so lucky to be his primary teacher!

Chris and McKell Provost said...

Cute post Love it he is so cute!!