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Monday, March 29, 2010


Sometimes I Internet shop.

It's really not a big deal. I peruse the merchandise that randomly popped into my head- a PW Cookbook here, a fancy pair of flats there, or a Shabby Apple clearance item that is only a click away from those fancy flats I mentioned only a second ago. The problem? That little shopping cart in the corner of the screen gets full really fast. Then, before I even know it, I have spent over $120 on dresses. Have I mentioned that the last dress I purchased was probably in my pre-teens? It's about time I owned one besides my wedding dress, but did I really need to blow my budget on it? Too late now. The very, very cute Shabby Apple dresses are hanging in my closet. And they can't be returned because they have already been worn to church.

It's all good, Dallas. I dumped my cart earlier today that was totaling $46.28.

Do any of you find yourself totally loading your Internet carts and then dumping them at the final check-out screen? You know, right before they actually charge your card?

Dear Internet,
You are a tricky fool.
With much distaste (and occasional joy),


WilliamandMegan said...

I do it ALLL the time!

cole linnae said...

im glad you do this as well. i feel accomplished when i delete everything in my cart. whats even better/embarrassing? sometimes i go shopping at hobby lobby and do the same thing. IN REAL LIFE. fill up my cart. and leave it there.


sNick said...

Yeah, I do that. I recently started keeping an Amazon wish list. Then I'm sure to remember the items that I feel like I HAVE to have, but when I go back a few days later, I realize I don't really need them and delete them. It's a list that is constantly evolving.

Erin said...

I totally do that! Or I find that I'm spending $15 on stuff that I could do without just to use a %10 off coupon. Yes, the internet is very tricky indeed!

marciea casselman said...

Been there and done that. However, when I subtract the amount from the checkbook, I realize that I need to be a little more careful.
I don't have a lot of luck shopping for clothing on line so I drop my dough at places like Ross, TJ Maxx and other notable shopping stores.

Ben and Heidi said...

Guilty! I usually cancel at the last second, and then an hour or two later, wish I wouldn't have. It's a total debate in my mind all day.