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Monday, March 3, 2008

Surprise! It's a bike! And other stuff....

Dallas' 25th birthday is next Sunday, March 9th (I know, he is such an old man). I decided that I wanted to surprise him with a really fun present. Grandma Kaiserman and I went to town on Friday and found the perfect bike- a Schwinn 21 speed mountain bike. It was a trick getting that to fit into my tiny jeep, but I'm wonder woman and I was able to do it (removing the bike seat and pushing the passenger's seat in my car as far as it would go. Poor Grandma had NO LEG ROOM). When I drove home I was too excited to wait until next week to give Dallas his present, so I surprised him with it that night. It was awesome! I usually just give Dallas money or a shirt, so he wasn't expecting it at all. I also bought a bike trailer for Will to ride in, so on Saturday we went on a short bike ride (about 2 miles or so). We had so much fun, but we realized how out of shape we are!!! Here are some pictures of that adventure-

I have also started watching my friend Lindsey Harvey's little girl McKenzie on Monday mornings for a few hours. Will loves her and thinks she is so cute- he is always trying to kiss her and play with her hair. She stands up for herself and tells him "No" quite frequently. It's a crack up! I had so much fun watching them play today that I am already looking forward to next week.

Cute little McKenzie (she is just 6 weeks older than Will)

Will is such a busy body I could barely get him to look at the camera. This is as good as it gets!


kjgabrielsen said...

I love bike riding. It's something that reminds me of being a kid. Hopefully the weather stays nice so you all can enjoy more bike rides!! Miss you!

Susan, Blain & kids said...

It is always fun to be able to surprise someone with a gift that is one of my most favorite things to do. Your little guys is so cute. hope all is well with you. Tell Dallas I said HAppy D-Day!! It is kinda nice to have a play mate over the kids once and while.

Bye now,

Ryan & Tasha said...

That is so cute that you were able to surprise Dallas! And i bet Will just loves it! He is so adorable!

The Harveys said...

Hey- this doesn't look like a "PG-13" movie to me. I'm so excited that I have another person to add to my list of blogs. I'm so glad you finally got a picture of the two of them playing together, so glad in fact that I will steal these and put them on my own blog. (Honestly could you expect any better of me?) You are awesome!