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Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Weekend in Afton, WY

As many of you know, we went and spent the weekend in Afton, WY with Dallas' family. We had so much fun! The main reason we went was to meet Jake's girlfriend Misty. She was so cute! She seemed to fit in well with the rest of us. (She is even reading Twilight! Yay for me!) While we were there we went snowmobiling, shopping, and played basketball at the gym. Will was pretty good while we were there. He could match names with faces after just a few hours of being there, but he didn't say anyone's names (except Daddy of course). He did have one AWFUL night though. Saturday night he started screaming at 2:30 AM (this was after we went to bed just after 1:00 AM). He screamed until we finally threw him in the car for a drive at 5:30. We drove up to Thayne and pulled over at a rest stop when he fell asleep so we could get some rest ourselves. It was awful. There wasn't anything wrong with him, he just doesn't like to sleep if he isn't in his own bed. Grrrr. We are going to have to work on that. Here are some fun pictures of the weekend:

Dallas and Mark couldn't find boots for Will so they improvised with wool socks and plastic sacks.

It was warm enough that we could snowmobile in just our long sleeves. We just putted around in Dallas' parents back yard.

Basketball was a blast! We played Flush (aka, lightning, or speed), and then we played a short game. Kallie and Abby were the best (we all sucked pretty much but them), but Dallas had some mad skills :o).

Will LOVED his Grandpa Mark! Probably because Mark always feeds him treats, but he also loved to climb all over him.


Kennedy said...

Despite the fact that I hate snow, that looks like some serious fun! I can't believe how big Will is now!

Jenn Robinson said...

I am glad that you had a good time! Misty is very nice. I am glad you all got along so well. Sorry about Will and the crying! It is no fun to be away from home and have your kid screaming all night long! I hope that he learns to sleep in other places soon. Good luck to you and Dallas....
I think our house will sell soon. Someone saw it two days ago and is looking at it again today. It would be a complete miracle if it sold that fast. We will see!
(I way over use the exclamation point!!!!!!!! hahahaha)
Love you guys. Cute pictures.

Jeremy & Mindy said...

what a fun weekend!!!!! i totally missed snowmobiling at my cabin this year...izzy was too small. we could probably still make it up there, but my dad winterizes it and we are clueless as to how to open it so we don't make pipes burst so we will have to wait till next year :( i love the improvise for the boots! seriously they grow out of them so fast and finding their size at that age is impossible (at least when i have looked for last minute trips LAST year) that the socks and plastic bags is totally awesome!!!! talk to you soon!