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Friday, January 25, 2008

Star Valley Warriors!

Yesterday Will, Grandma Kaiserman and I went to Evanston, Wy to see Dallas' sister Abby play basketball. Kristie met us there for a fun game. The girls won (21-16), and Abby had some great rebounds and an awesome steal at the end. She is on the "A" team and even started! It was so fun to watch her. We are so proud of her. Will was thrilled to see the ball, and couldn't take his eyes off the game. He just sat on my lap and clapped. The buzzer and the cheers frightened him a little, but by the last half he was getting used to the noise.

When the game ended we decided to go out to dinner at Hunan Garden. I fed Will a bottle (he didn't have much of an appetite yesterday), and then we walked into the restaraunt. When I got by our booth will threw up ALL OVER! I was covered, and so was the floor. The people in the booth next to us just stared. We cleaned up and ate dinner as quickly as we could. By the time we got back to Heber Will was quite fussy. I took his temperature and he had a temp of 104! Thanks to my sister Cami I didn't rush him to the doctor. (Patience is a virtue). It seems like Will is never going to get better. At least he is a little happier today!

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